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The best price of Davidoff Wood Blend in Pakistan is Rs. 12,359 and estimated average price is Rs. 13,013.


Davidoff is a classic brand that started with tobacco products and moved into accessories and fashion. Among the catalogue, one can find fragrances as well. Davidoff Wood Blend is a unisex fragrance that is for men and women who like the deeper, oriental tones but just shy of animalistic and sweet tones. The price of Davidoff Wood Blend is just above the affordable range.


Davidoff was established by Zino Davidoff, a man known for his penchant for style and flair. It is a Swiss brand that originally was a tobacco products line, over time Zino had it expand into fashion and accessories. Fragrances have been a big part of the Davidoff success, especially with Cool Water. There are a lot of other options as well, unisex ones too such as Davidoff Wood Blend.

Davidoff Wood Blend

A fragrance released in 2017, this scent is all about the wood notes as the name suggests, but the second strongest feel comes from spices. There is a slight hint of freshness to open with, just to get the initial smell across. This comes from a lemon note at the top; the other two notes at the top come from nutmeg and cardamom. These both lend a spiciness to the top.

At the heart, Davidoff Wood Blend has saffron, coriander and vetiver. This makes a warmer part of the scent begin, with saffrons tones and earthy green from vetiver. Coriander lends some spice and woodiness as well. To root all this together the base has leather, olibanum and amber. All of which are musky, oriental kinds of tones.

Overall the feel of Davidoff Wood Blend is a deeper scent, but without going to the animalistic side of scents. This is ideal for almost any time and weather, with some people not so keen on wearing it during summer. But this is a personal choice.


Davidoff Wood Blend is from a line that is also home to Amber Blend, Agar Blend and Leather Blend. This is a great fragrance for all and has a very regal sensation to it.

The price of this fragrance is just above an affordable range.

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Davidoff Wood Blend Rs. 12,359
Wood Blend EDP 100ml Rs. 13,668
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