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The best price of Dawlance Dishwasher in Pakistan is Rs. 74,700 and estimated average price is Rs. 114,047.


Dishwashers can be a huge help in reducing manual work and freeing up more time from daily chores. If you are looking for good and affordable options, check Dawlance dishwasher prices in Pakistan on this page. Read on for more information and keep visiting this page for great sale deals and discount offerings.


Dawlance dishwashers are electrical home appliances that clean dishes and cutlery by spraying hot water and detergent at high pressure through rotating arms. The water is automatically drained and the clean dishes and cutlery are dried.  

Types & Quality

Dawlance has two types of dishwashers, the inverter and non-inverter series. The Inverter Series is integrated with European technology and comes with the Aqua Intense technology. This series of dishwasher contains high performing machines that are suitable for all types of cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils. It is also energy efficient as it helps you save on water and electricity bills with its high powered inverter motor. 


Dishwashers by Dawlance can be your ultimate kitchen partner and save you loads of time and effort by cleaning all your dishes in no time. Being a Pakistani brand, Dawlance understands Pakistani eating habits and food choices. Its dishwashers are specially designed for Pakistani households where oily and greasy foods are consumed with staining herbs and spices like turmeric etc. They can wash your dishes with as low as 9.5 Liters of water at 70°C for a single dinner load. The result is squeaky clean hygienic cutlery and crockery etc. 

Dawlance Dishwasher Sale

Dawlance appliances are frequently put on sale and discounted prices. Sometimes the prices go down as much as 50% off on all types of dishwashers, refrigerators, ACs and deep freezers, mostly during the winter season. You can buy any of them from our website as we have a large number of trusted online sellers that sell genuine products.

Find dishwashers from local and international brands such as Haier, Dawlance, LG and Bosch and compare prices in Pakistan to find the best deal on our website.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Dish Washer DDW-1350 Rs. 118,400
Dawlance DDW 868 Counter Top Inverter Dishwasher Rs. 98,800
Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher DDW-1451 G Rs. 132,800
Dawlance Dish Washer Ddw 868 Ctb Rs. 89,000
Dawlance DDW 1485 G INV Dishwasher Black Rs. 142,600
Dawlance Free standing Dishwasher DW-1480 Rs. 105,412
Dawlance Dishwasher 60X60 CM Rs. 84,800
Dawlance Dish Washer Ddw 1451 Auto Inv New Rs. 120,000
Model: DDW1485 Rs. 134,900
Dawlance Dish Washer DDW 1485 G INV Rs. 130,000
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