Dawlance Inverter Ac Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dawlance Inverter Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 61,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 111,490.


Among the many products Dawlance has in their catalogue, one can also find inverter ACs. These ACs help save energy and are built with a lot of other convenient features as well, including a heating option so one device has you sorted for the summer and winter. The quality of Dawlance inverter ACs is good and their prices are toward a higher mid-range.


Dawlance was started in Pakistan in 1980 and in 2016 it was bought by the Turkish brand Arçelik. It produces a range of household appliances, including ACs.

Dawlance Inverter ACs

Inverter ACs are very useful to save on one's electric bill, the technology allows for the compressor to have a variable speed so it is not always running on max capacity and burning electricity. The lower speeds make it easier for the AC to maintain the temperature of an already cool room, without running at max RPMs.

Dawlance has a lot of options with the power ratings at 1, 1.5 and 2 ton. The 2 ton AC has a floor standing unit option too, while the other two are only in the wall unit format. All their ACs use R410-A, a more efficient kind of refrigerant gas that is also less damaging to the ozone. The Dawlance inverter ACs have a self diagnose option so one can easily figure out any issues by making use of the error codes to let users know.

Another convenient feature is that if the electricity is out when it comes back the AC has auto restart; saving one the hassle of having to wait and turn it on again. This is especially useful at night when one is asleep. Most of the ACs have a hidden display that shows the temp reading on it, this looks a lot sleeker from a design aspect.

There are various fan speed options and even a turbo mode in their inverter ACs that increases the airflow by a huge margin in case one needs to cool the room super fast. To make it a lot easier to have just one unit that functions in summer and winter as well, Dawlance has added in a heating feature so this one appliance can be used for both seasons.

Dawlance uses 100% copper piping for better performance and the fins are either gold or blue, one can choose based on their region.


The designs that Dawlance has built their inverter ACs along is simple and white is a predominant colour. The other colour options include some black and dark grey. This style does not stand out too much, letting the device easily be a part of your space rather than being an eyesore.

The main reason to opt for a Dawlance inverter AC is the fact that these save energy, making it easier to run one's AC for the summer.

The price of Dawlance inverter ACs is toward the higher mid-range. With reliable quality and build that has done well in the Pakistani market.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Inverter AC 1 Ton Sprinter 15 Rs. 95,000
Dawlance Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Powercon 30 Rs. 112,000
Dawlance Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Sprinter 30 Rs. 112,000
Dawlance Air Conditioner Suave 15 DC Inverter 1 T… Rs. 112,999
Dawlance Aura 15 Inverter AC 1 ton Rs. 98,067
Dawlance Enercon 15 1-Ton DC Inverter H&C Rs. 90,000
Dawlance AIR CONDITIONER WALL MOUNT 1.5ton Invert… Rs. 118,770
Dawlance Pro Active Inverter 30 (Heat & Cool) Rs. 81,000
DAWLANCE Air Conditioner Econo Plus Inverter 30 Rs. 125,900
Dawlance Elegance 15 Inverter – 1 Ton Rs. 98,000
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