Dawlance Refrigerator 9188 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dawlance Refrigerator 9188 in Pakistan is Rs. 42,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 55,675.


A refrigerator built with Smart features and also an inverter. The latter helps one save a lot on their electric bill and the former is a great way to control your fridge remotely or also keep an eye on how much power it is consuming. The Dawlance Refrigerator 9188 is a larger sized fridge that the brand claims can cater to 8 people. The design is sleek with a glass door and the price is toward the higher end.

Pros & Cons


  • Smart features

  • Inverter - 55% energy saving

  • Glass finish

  • Can run on solar and UPS


Dawlance refrigerator 9188

A regular need for preserving our foods, cooked and raw; but this fridge has added advantages to it. The first being it makes use of inverter technology similar to ACs, this lets it regulate the speed of the compressor so it can slow it down when full power is not needed. A cool environment is easier to keep cooler VS cooling something from scratch, so reducing the speed does the work but also saves on electricity.

The other major advantage of the Dawlance 9188 is that it has Smart features, which means it can be connected to your smartphone so you can control it and also keep an eye on it.

The design is super sleek with a glass door so it has a high-grade look. The inside features door shelves for jars, jugs and bottles; with a crisper at the bottom to keep your vegetables fresh. There is also an anti-fungal gasket on the door to keep bacteria and fungi from getting inside, protecting your food. This model even features a health light that extends the duration of your foods life.


This is a larger sized option as the Dawlance 9188 is said to be apt for up to 8 people. The price of this model is toward the higher end given its features, still, it is a lot cheaper than a brand such as Samsung.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance 14 cu ft MDS (9188) Rs. 44,999
Dawlance 9188 Mono Refrigerator Rs. 47,000
Dawlance Freezer-On-Top MDS Series Refrigerator 1… Rs. 56,438
Dawlance 9188 LVS Fridge Rs. 52,350
Dawlance Refrigerator 9188 WBES Plus 15cft Rs. 63,900
Dawlance Refrigerator 9188 MDS Series Rs. 52,800
Dawlance Freezer-On-Top Refrigerator Gold (9188-L… Rs. 59,719
Dawlance 9188 WBM 16cft Refrigerator Rs. 50,700
Dawlance Refrigerator 9188 WB LVS PLUS Rs. 59,950
Dawlance 9188 MDS Refrigerator Rs. 42,999
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