Dawlance Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dawlance Refrigerators in Pakistan is Rs. 41,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 82,707.


Refrigerators by Dawlance offer reliability, durability and spacious storage. Most of these appliances are integrated with modern Hybrid Cooling Technology that keeps your food fresh while saving your electricity bills. Dawlance refrigerator prices in Pakistan depend on the type and model you are looking for but they mostly fall in the economical range.


There are multiple Dawlance authorized dealers in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and all major cities of Pakistan but it is easier and more convenient to shop online. Going from shop to shop is tiresome and also includes a lot of walking which may not be easy for some people. Here are the types you can choose from on our website.

Types & Designs

Dawlance Refrigerators come in a wide variety of designs and types such as the Euro Design Series, LF Series, FP Series, LVS, Monogram, Hzone Plus Premium Black, MDS, Double French Door 900, Top Mount 900, Bedroom Series, Energy Saver Plus Series, Signature Series, Reflection Series, LVS Plus and Mirror Glass Door Series.

1. FP series

The FP series is targeted at people who are looking for low-cost options. These include simple designs and appliances that offer basic functionality. 

2. Euro Design

This refrigerator series uses the new Hybrid Cooling Technology that delivers optimum performance and energy saving. Refrigerators by Dawlance come with five-day cooling retention technology that works efficiently to keep the refrigerator cool even during power breakdowns. These European-standard refrigerators reduce your monthly electricity bill and provide maximum saving.

3. LVS Series

For people who routinely face electricity fluctuations and as a result have to get their refrigerators fixed every now and then, Dawlance has the perfect option with their LVS refrigerator series. They use voltage as low as 135 volts saving you the cost of buying stabilizers and frequent repairs.

4. H-Zone Plus series

This series is equipped with an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents the growth of bacteria in your food, increasing the life of your food, ensuring freshness and preventing food decay.

5. Double French Door Series

The Double French Door variety comes with 4 doors for convenient and organized storage of food items.

6. Mirror Glass Door Inverter Series

Another innovative design is the Mirror Glass Door Inverter which is a sheer combination of aesthetics and technology. It is designed to cater to the rising energy costs in Pakistan. This Mirror Glass Door uses 55% less energy than traditional refrigerators due to its innovative technology. 

Dawlance Refrigerator Sale

Dawlance puts its refrigerators on sale and cut off prices frequently throughout the year. Sometimes the prices go down as much as 20% off on all types of refrigerators, mostly during the winter season.

You can find a wide variety of refrigerators by Dawlance at affordable prices in Pakistan on our website. 

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Refrigerator 9169 WB Avante 11 Cubic Feet Rs. 87,500
Dawlance 9140 WB Chrome Refrigerator Rs. 69,300
Dawlance 9140 WB Avante Refrigerator Rs. 71,400
Dawlance Refrigerator – 9191 GD AVENTE NOIR RED Rs. 78,000
Dawlance Refrigerator 9173 WB Chrome Pro Inverter Rs. 85,800
Dawlance Refrigerator Avante GD Series 9169 WB Av… Rs. 94,000
Dawlance Ref 9173 WB Chrome Refrigerator Rs. 86,900
Dawlance 9170 WB Mono Refrigerator Rs. 56,500
Dawlance 9150 LF GD Refrigerator Glass Door Beige Rs. 79,700
DAWLANCE Refrigerator 9191 WB AVANTE GD (Glass Do… Rs. 94,000
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