Decakila Hand Mixer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Decakila Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,032.


The Decakila Hand Mixer is a small appliance that adds a lot of value to your kitchen by helping with food prep. Hand mixers allow you to save time on a lot of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


If you are looking to pace up some of the time-consuming tasks in your kitchen, the Decakila Hand Mixer would be a helpful purchase.

Hand mixers allow you to whisk eggs, churn butter, prepare cake batter and also knead dough. The Decakila Hand Mixer has multiple speeds and a turbo mode as well. Different tasks require different levels of speed so the end result is correct.

Due to the motor heating up Decakila Hand Mixers also have vents on both ends allowing them to dissipate heat faster.

The Decakila Hand Mixer would be useful at home, but even more so in a commercial kitchen where one has to prepare a lot more food. Saving time is crucial to getting things done within assigned timelines.

Price List

Model Price
Decakila 200W Hand Mixer White (KEMX001W) Rs. 4,900
Decakila Hand Mixer With Bowl (KEMX002W) Rs. 7,600
Decakila KEMX001W Hand Mixer 6 Speed 200W Rs. 7,149
Decakila KEMX002W 2.5L Stand Mixer Rs. 12,480
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