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The best price of Dell Alienware G15 in Pakistan is Rs. 349,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 349,499.


Alienware is Dell's line of gaming laptops. These are designed to take on heavy games which is why they come with top tier features and are also expensive devices. The Alienware G15 has a few different options on the market, one can choose the one that works best for their needs.


The Dell brand is among the widely used computer makers. With a host of options that are designed for the needs of different users, one can find pretty much exactly what they want. Gamers have the Alienware label dedicated to them. The Dell Alienware G15 machines are made with great components so they can be used to tackle the heavy games of the era.

Dell Alienware G15

The G15 laptops have a very cool design, giving it that edgy look that gamers often like. Most gaming-related computers and peripherals are made with that kind of style in mind. The display is attached with a strong hinge so the visual interface systems are better protected. Display quality is peak for its time. With powerful graphics processors from NVIDIA, that have their own dedicated RAM so they take on the visual load properly. 

The main processors, the CPUs, are either from Intel or the AMD brand. In either case, the variants are from the top end of the chip brands. Even the RAM is from the higher performance standards with even a base level spec that is higher than what most average machines have.

Storage also matters as reading the game is done in that area, so Solid State Drives are what Dell fit the Alienware G15 laptops with. These drives have super-fast read and write times. With all these components combined there is minimal bottlenecking, so the flow of performance efficiency is smooth.

The Windows OS is often prefered by gamers as a lot more titles are available on it and Dell Alienware G15 laptops are installed with this OS. It can be the Home version or the Pro version, depending on what you choose.

The keyboard is also top tier, with backlights and a great snappy feeling to it. The G15 laptops have a lot of ports, this is due to the fact that gamers tend to connect a lot of peripherals that enable them to play better. One would be able to connect multiple devices with ease. 

Aside from all this, there is an HD webcam and a digital array of microphones. Battery time is also great with around 9 hours of run time, this could vary a little based on what one is getting their G15 to do.

Alienware makes sure there is high-quality cooling, this is what enables the machine to efficiently without degrading performance over long running times.


The Dell Alienware G15 comes built with top-grade materials so it is a sturdy machine that can have a long life if looked after a little.

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Dell Alienware G15 5515 2400 16GB 512GB SSD Gamin… Rs. 349,499
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