Dell Alienware Laptops Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dell Alienware Laptops in Pakistan is Rs. 224,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 549,041.


Dell's Alienware line is a top-end brand when it comes to gaming laptops. These are built with high-grade materials and have powerful components that make for a rugged machine that can support heavy usage. There are a lot of options and one can choose from based on what they need. The prices of the Dell Alienware line is from the high end as these are powerful machines.


Alienware Laptops

The Alienware range is among the top-rated laptops in the gaming arena. Some of their machines give the best-rated performance over the years. The latest machines are as powerful as a PC would be, even more at times.

Features that are important to gamers such as the screens, hardware and components are all maxed out to the latest possible. The displays are all hi-resolution and based on OLED tech. These are combined with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, providing a very high level of rendering. The keyboards are all tactically sound, with backlights as gamers tend to sit in low-light environments.

The build of Dell Alienware laptops is considered to be good, many users talk about how robust their machine is. Of course, this does mean that the machine is a bit bulkier in comparison to regular laptops. The designs are very edgy, making the laptop look like it belongs to a space-age era. The build now also allows for easier swapping of components, something that is a true edge.

The main sizes available today in the Alienware line are the 13, 15 and 17-inch range.

About Alienware

Belonging to Dell, originally Alienware was known as Sakai of Miami. The name Alienware was inspired by the hit show 'X-Files'. The various sublines also have alien inspired names.

Dell bought the brand in 2006, immediately boosting it, as Dell had a lot more reach in comparison; providing the Alienware label with an international platform.


This is a high-end brand with prices to match. Gaming laptops are generally more expensive machines as they have higher quality in build and internals, both.

The price of a Dell Alienware laptop depends on which model you choose one can choose based on their budget and also their needs, finding a good middle ground between those two parameters.

Price List

Model Price
Dell Alienware m15 R7 i9-12900H 32GB 1TB SSD Gami… Rs. 750,999
Dell Alienware M15 - R7 Gaming Laptop Rs. 807,500
Dell Alienware X17 - R2 Gaming Laptop Rs. 1,100,000
Dell Alienware M17 R5 AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX 32GB 1TB… Rs. 689,999
Dell Alienware 15 R3 Core i7 7th Gen GeForce GTX … Rs. 232,499
Dell Alienware M15 - R5 AWM15R5-A610 Rs. 499,500
Dell Alienware 17 R4 Core i7 7th Gen GeForce GTX … Rs. 419,857
Dell Alienware X17-R2 i9-12900H 32GB 1TB SSD Gami… Rs. 1,098,999
Dell Alienware M15-R7 i7-12700H 32GB 1TB SSD Gami… Rs. 750,999
Dell Alienware 15 R3 Core i7 7th Gen GeForce GTX … Rs. 333,499
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