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The best price of Dell Lcd Monitor in Pakistan is Rs. 28,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 49,841.


Dell has quite a few different options when it comes to LCD monitors, the variations are based on size and resolution. One can choose the right size according to their workstation and the correct resolution depending on their needs or budget. The bigger the monitor the higher the price, the same goes for the resolutions. Connectivity is mostly HDMI based which gives one the ability to connect a lot of different devices, with other porting options as well in case one needs such. The prices start at the mid-range and go on to the expensive end.

Pros & Cons


  • LCDs are a bit softer on the eyes


Dell produces a wide range of products in the computer segment, this includes LCD monitors. These monitors are based on LCD technology for the visual aspect and only have LEDs along the edges to provide the lighting. This differs from a full LED monitor which has LEDs grided for the visual aspect as well.

Features of Dell LCD monitors

Dell has various sides when it comes to LCD monitors, one can choose the correct one for their work or gaming station. It could also be used as a display extension if one needs more visual space with complex tasks such as video editing or music production. 

LCD displays have the advantage of being comparatively softer on the eyes compared to LED displays, although the latter is more clear when it comes to visual quality. Dell builts USB hubs into their LCD monitors so one has an added feature that is very useful. This means you won't need to reach too far to connect something that you need to use on the fly.

The resolutions of Dell LCD monitors vary, they can be anything from 1920x1080pixels to 2560x1440pixels or higher even on to 4K and more. The refresh rates keep changing with 60Hz being a common option. This refresh rate is generally ample unless one is playing a game that has specific requirements, for which one can find higher ones. Colour support is from 16 million to over a billion colours, the higher the number the better the colour representation the display is able to achieve.

Connectivity generally includes HDMI and some even have VGA in case that is needed. Certain models also have two HDMI inputs, if one wants to connect two devices.


Dell LCD monitors have wide viewing angles, this is useful if multiple people are watching a display at the same time; everyone can see clearly what is on the screen.

The new age LCDs consume less power, making them ideal to be run on UPSs and also keeping the electric bill low.

The price of Dell's LCD range starts at the midpoint going on to an expensive range. The prices for larger ones is higher as is for monitors that have higher resolutions.

Price List

Model Price
Dell 23.8" QHD Gaming LCD Monitor (S2417DG) Rs. 109,999
Dell E2420H 23.8 Inch FHD (1920 x 1080) LED Backl… Rs. 59,999
Dell 18.5″ E1910 Widescreen LCD Monitor Rs. 28,999
Dell E1916H 19 LCD Monitor Rs. 33,350
Dell E1916H 19 LCD Monitor Rs. 33,350
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