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The best price of Dell Monitors in Pakistan is Rs. 9,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 69,271.


A leading brand in the computer market, Dell also produces monitors. Their devices are available at various rates, starting at the mid-range and going all the way to a very expensive point. The specs vary a lot and one can choose something based on their usage needs and the budget they have in mind. Some are everyday monitors, while others are primed for gamers and have very powerful specs.


Dell Inc.

Started in 1984 by Michael Dell, Dell is a US-based brand. Dell is one of the largest technological firms in the world. Developing several different forms of computers and IT related services. It is one of the most commonly used computer brands in the world, with a great degree of penetration in the laptop market.

Among the many computer related products Dell produces, they also have options for monitors.

Dell Monitors

There is a lot of variety with Dell's monitor range. One can find monitors that start at the base level of High Definition or monitors that are 4K and others that are at an 8K resolution. This high level of clarity is achieved by the LED-based visual technology that Dell incorporates. In case one wants the option of a touch screen, Dell has models which have that feature as well.

The sizes start at around 18 inches and slowly increase. There are options at 19 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 32 inches and even larger if needed. A range of monitors is also curved, these are a more immersive experience, especially for gamers who are more conscious of their digital environment. Some of the especially gaming-related monitors are under the Alienware brand that is also owned by Dell.

Porting options can vary from model to model, there can be any combination of the DisplayPort, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, VGA, MHL, DVI and USB Type-C. One can choose based on what ports they will be using more regularly.

An audio line out is also common with the Dell monitor range, allowing users to attach their headphones when they are listening to music or when gaming. Certain models do have speakers built-in but due to the size, these are only relatively effective. They could be used if one does not have proper speakers, but are not high power speakers.

The brand has made many of their models compatible with the VESA mount, this lets one make some more space on their desk. Keeping the workspace neat is a great edge for clarity and focus.

Another high-end content related spec is the refresh rate. Dell has variety with this too. One can find a 60Hz refresh rate or a higher 144Hz one. There are higher refresh rate options too, so one can pick something that suits them.


The quality of Dell monitors is comparable to the rest of their products, which are good and have maintained their reputation over the years.

The price of a Dell monitor can range from a mid-price point to a very expensive price point. This depends on the size and technical specs of a specific model.

Price List

Model Price
Dell 27" LED Monitor (S2740L) Rs. 83,899
Dell E1916H 19 LCD Monitor Rs. 33,350
Dell SE2422H 24" Monitor Rs. 54,999
Dell S3422DWG - 34" WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor Rs. 219,900
Dell | U2419H - 24" LED Monitor Rs. 42,900
Dell | E2318H - 23" LED Monitor Rs. 26,500
Dell D1918H - 18.5" LED Monitor Rs. 34,900
Dell UltraSharp 29" Ultrawide Monitor (U2917W) Rs. 89,499
Dell E2016HV Monitor Rs. 35,999
Dell 25" UltraSharp LED Monitor (U2515H) Rs. 84,799
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