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Dell's Precision line is for people who want heavy machines that are portable workstations, ideal for designers, architects and others who need processing power. These laptops can also be used as small scale servers. Available in 17 inches, this line of laptops is expensive.


A 17-inch display is large and having a powerful machine with that display makes it great to work on for heavy users. The Dell Precision range comes in that size. Precision laptops are made for users who are going to need heavy processing power. The newer models also have AI optimisation, this makes the machines a lot more efficient.

A portable workstation, the Precision laptops are ideal for designers, CGI artists, architects and music producers. Built around powerful CPUs, the Precision line has the latest options so as the models progress the performance is as close to the top end as possible.

The RAM is also at the newest standard with a high range spec. Storage is handled via an SSD so the read and write times compliment the rest of the system and there are no bottlenecks.

Due to the workstations being designed for visual work, they are also made with better graphics processors and great quality displays as well. This lets one get the most usage on the visual end so they can work better, with clarity.

There is a range of ports on all the Precision laptops, this is due to the fact that one needs an external mouse to work better or some people might need to connect a tablet. Also in case one needs to connect to a projector or other visual aid.

The newer machines that Dell is making in the Pavilion series are also light, this makes them a lot easier to transport.


Dell Pavilion laptops at 17 inches would be great if you are looking for a portable machine that houses a lot of power. You could work from anywhere as long as you have your Pavilion along.

The price of these machines is high as they are made to be high-performance laptops.

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