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The best price of Delsey in Pakistan is Rs. 16,857 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,586.


A frequent traveller wants to pack their clothing and essentials in a lightweight, sturdy and strong luggage. The Delsey design philosophy provides high-quality hard shell suitcases with high tech security details that are dependable yet fashionable, colourful and sophisticated directly inspired by French couture.


Self Sustainable Travel 

Delsey uses a certain percentage of recyclable material blended into premium quality products enabling them to reduce their environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly manufacturing. The original company had expertise in making leather products since 1911, their well-finished designs were famous at the time. Over the decades, the French company joined hands with Seynhaeve to create Delsey.

Design Philosophy

Travelling to far places by air or land requires checking into airports, lugging baggage at bus terminals and train stations, this can be an exhausting exercise but an essential part of travelling. The innovative designs of Delsey are modern yet practical, with having been the first to introduce hard shell luggage into the mainstream market, they ensured travellers could endure tiring trips without worrying about fragile items in their suitcase. The advanced security design called Securitech ensures expensive and important belongings remain safe and secure, with its anti-theft zip and interlocking zips with security code.  

They have 70 awards and patents exclusive to the brand name. In the 70s they included wheels to their hard shell suitcases changing the lifestyle of travel from laborious to luxurious. They are inspired by the global traveller, jet setters, societal culture and an awareness of healthy environmental practices. Ensuring that their designs remain light, perfectly compatible with air travel rules and environmentally friendly creating a wholesome travel culture for their clients. 

Types of Delsey Luggage

The Tramontane series has a strong and lightweight Duffle Backpack designed with French sophistication and sportswear finish ideal for outdoor adventures. The Montrouge cabin suitcase model feels comfortable to pull with an adjustable handle and four-way directional wheels. It has the signature elegance found in other Delsey luggage designs but in a compact, light and easy to manoeuvre design. The interior space can be further optimised by using the extender zip making it easy to close a fully packed suitcase. The adaptive design includes pockets, inner zips and a removable zipper lining. The inner lining can be easily machine washed at 30°C making it easy to store the suitcase after the trip. 

The Chatelet Air series has the entire range of suitcases with a classy french design and neutral camel and faun colours. The tote travel bag is a durable and secure casing perfectly compatible with all luggage trolley carriers making it easy to carry in and out of airports and hotels. Another dependable and beautiful design is the Belmont Plus and Turenne that are ultra-lightweight. The Turenne Premium even has a convenient digital scale saving time and removing travel anxiety while packing. The breakage resistant and ultra-strong Moncey series has bright and colourful designs including a sea blue. 

Price List

Model Price
Delsey Chartreuse 4W 56" Trolley Cabin Small Ligh… Rs. 18,061
Delsey Oural 4W 30" Trolley Cabin Large Navy Blue… Rs. 21,673
Delsey Oural 4W 30" Trolley Cabin Large Black (35… Rs. 21,673
Delsey Promenade 4W 70" Medium Trolley Chocolate … Rs. 28,898
Delsey Pilatus 4W 55" Trolley Cabin Small Navy Bl… Rs. 16,857
Delsey Pilatus 4W 55" Trolley Cabin Small Red (35… Rs. 16,857
Delsey Baikal 4W 30" Trolley Cabin Large Steel Bl… Rs. 22,877
Delsey Baikal 4W 21" Trolley Cabin Small Steel Bl… Rs. 18,061
Delsey Bag, 67cm, 67x42x28 Inches, 67 Liters, Blu… Rs. 35,200
Delsey Chartreuse 4W 56" Trolley Cabin Small Blac… Rs. 18,061
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