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We all want shiny pearly whites but not all of us take good care of our teeth as we should. Dental care is an important regime one should follow regularly to prevent teeth and gums from decaying. Ideally, a person should brush after every meal but twice a day is also fine as long as you are rinsing your mouth well after eating during the day. There are basic steps you can follow to look after your teeth every day and enhance their health so the dentures and fillings can wait till you are in your old age.


Dental Care Regime

Most people who have great teeth don't skip brushing or flossing and if they can't brush after eating during the day, they at least rinse their mouth with warm water till there is no residue left on the teeth or gums. Sounds tedious but once you form a habit, it hardly takes much time. Other than that, following a daily routine can do a lot for your oral health and save frequent trips to the dentist. 

1. Dental Floss or Electric Water Flosser

Brushing alone is not enough as it can only remove food particles from the surface of the teeth. Dental floss is a thin thread that has a silken texture and easily goes between and around teeth and gums. Regular flossing can help prevent the build-up of plaque between the teeth and under gums.

The practice can remove residue food particles and prevent them from forming bacteria on the surface of the teeth. This in turn reduces the risk of tooth decay, gum diseases, gingivitis and bad breath. Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss and COCOFLOSS Coconut-Oil Infused Woven Dental Floss are leading names in this category.

You can also use the electronic version of floss at home. It is called an electric water flosser or battery-operated oral irrigators. Waterpik and Sonicare are two of the widely sold oral irrigators in the world. 

2. Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Of course, the age-old toothbrush and toothpaste duo is a staple in daily oral hygiene. Look for toothpaste that has some content of fluoride as it is the only known mineral that can prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup. Make sure not to ingest toothpaste as fluoride is potentially dangerous if swallowed. Also, do not use toothpaste that contains fluoride in large amounts as too much of it can stain teeth and deteriorate them in the long run. 

When buying a toothbrush, look for an option that has the least number of toxins on the labels. One should replace their toothbrush after every 3 to 4 months of regular use. Always opt for a small-headed and soft-bristled toothbrush as hard ones can damage the gums and the surface of the teeth.

3. Mouthwash

Mouthwashes also called oral rinse are antiseptic solutions that kill bacteria that reside in your mouth. While they are effective at preventing bacteria buildup, they also kill the good bacteria resulting in a damaged mouth microbiome. This can hinder the mouth's ability to fight gingivitis, cavities and bad breath. Not everyone needs a mouthwash but if your dentist thinks you could use one, it could be because of your oral health needs as you might be at a higher risk of developing oral infections and cavities than others. 

4. Oil Pulling

An ancient method of pulling toxins and bacteria from the mouth and the body. Oil pulling is a part of alternative medicine and is widely used as dental care. It is known to activate salivary enzymes and in turn, pull out bacteria and toxins from the body. It is known to also whiten teeth and condition the gums if done regularly on an empty stomach. All you have to do is take a tablespoon of coconut oil or any oil of your choice and swish it around the mouth for 20 minutes. Spit out and then brush as you do with your regular brush and toothpaste. Make sure not to ingest the oil as it can result in an upset stomach. 

5. Regular Dental Checkups

How often one should visit the dentist depends on one's oral health needs but most dentists recommend a visit every 6 months. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned and polished enhances their life, prevents future infections and gums diseases while giving you a stunning smile. Dentists also give you teeth whitening, scaling, polishing and cleaning service that results in temporary whitening of the teeth that last for a few months.

Tips & Comments

Make sure to wait for 30 minutes to an hour after consuming acidic foods and beverages. Brushing or flossing right away can take off the protective enamel from the teeth and do more damage than good. Always make sure to rub your finger on the gums and teeth as a slight massage to improve circulation and to ensure there is no residue left. Avoid drinking or eating foods and beverages that cause staining or yellowing of the teeth. Smoking is also one of the major causes of tooth decay, bad breath and gum problems. 

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