Derma Shine Nose Strips

Compare 11 prices from 7 stores.

Compare 11 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 349 - Rs. 980


Derma Shine Nose Strips are an easy and quick way to get rid of blackheads. They come in singles as well as a pack of six strips and more. The prices of Derma Shine Nose Strips are in the affordable range. 



These nose strips are designed for the nose but they can also be used on other areas of the face. These areas can be the cheeks, forehead and chin where blackheads usually form.

Instant Deep Cleansing

The deep cleansing nose strips by Derma Shine can be used to effortlessly get rid of black and whiteheads at home. They are suitable for all skin types and give instant clean and fresh-looking skin. These strips also tighten pores and help keep them clean.

How To Use

Wash and cleanse your face and make sure there is no sign of makeup. Pat skin dry and then wet only the area of application with warm water. Use dry hands to handle the Derma Shine Nose Strips and remove the plastic liner. Apply the shiny side to the wet nose for the strip to adhere properly.

Make sure to smooth out the strip to prevent any bubbles from forming. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes or until the strip has completely dried out. Once dried, start pulling the strip slowly at the edges towards the centre.


Sometimes these nose strips can adhere strongly to the skin making it difficult to remove without causing pain. Especially if you have peach fuzz on the skin, it will get painful if the strip adheres too strongly. If that happens wet the strip till it gets easier to remove.

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The best price of Derma Shine Nose Strips in Pakistan is Rs. 349 and the estimated average price is Rs. 573.

Price List

Model Price
Derma Shine Nose Strips - 6 Strips Pack Rs. 375
Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, 6 Strips Rs. 600
Body Luxuries Deep Cleansing Nose Strips (Pack of… Rs. 349
Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips Rs. 640
Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips 6… Rs. 475
Purederm Nose Strips Tea Tree 6 Strips Rs. 640
Rivaj Uk - Nose Pore Cleansing Strips Rs. 488
Purederm Tea Tree Nose Pore Strips, 6 Strips Rs. 600
Cool and Cool Deep Cleansing Nose Strip (Pack of … Rs. 555
Purederm Aloe Nose Pore Strips, 6 Strips Rs. 600
RICA Nose Wax Strips Rs. 980