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The best price of Desktop Pc in Pakistan is Rs. 3,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 109,510.


A desktop PC is a computer that has a system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse that are all separate. This is set onto a work station and is cheaper for the average user in comparison to a laptop, but a high-performance desktop PC can also be purchased which can take on a lot more than a laptop can. This is also used more often by people who would want to upgrade their CPU components, as is often done by gamers. The price of a desktop PC can range anywhere from accessible to very expensive, depending on the specs and brand.


Desktop PC

Desktop PC's are ideal if one has a fixed workstation set up. One of the reasons people opt for a desktop when they have a serious workstation is so that they can easily swap out components to upgrade them. The desktop has four key parts, the system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The system unit is where all the components such as the CPU, GPU, RAM, motherboard and storage memory are set into.

The monitor makes for the graphic user interface, with the keyboard as the device used to insert text and the mouse as a means to click on actionable icons or commands.

A desktop PC's parts can be from the same brand or one could select each as they see fit. This is also another advantage as one can pick the keyboard they like instead of having to use the one that came built into a laptop. This way users who need high-performance parts to optimise their workflow can choose whatever models of each part they like. In case something goes bad it is also easier to just change it out. Which is an advantage desktop PCs have over all-in-one PCs as well.

Gamers have desktop PCs that are specifically geared for their use and made with better components as games need quite a bit of processing power, especially the newer releases. This makes them easy to play without glitches and lag.

Downside of desktop PCs

The disadvantages with these machines is that they need to be plugged in for use, which is why a lot of people connect them to a UPS as well. This machine needs a lot more cabling which can be tedious and are also not portable, most are used in a fixed spot in the home or office. 

Known brands

The market is full of options, with all brands that have multiple options so one can pick something that is for average consumers or higher-end options for people with a bigger budget and power user needs. Apple is the exception when it comes to this and has only high-end options. Some of the other top names are HP, Dell, Alienware, Acer, Lenovo and Asus.


Desktop PCs are mostly cheaper options in comparison to laptops with the same spec range, by a large margin. Though it would be a more costly machine if it has specs that are a lot higher than a laptop. The price of a desktop PC depends entirely on the exact option you choose, if it is an older variant it will be cheaper. If it has lower-end specs it will be cheaper. Newer releases cost more, as do higher specs.

Price List

Model Price
HP Desktop PC Proone 600 G6 AIO (211V2UT#ABA) Rs. 278,599
HP ProBook 440 G7 Notebook PC (6XJ57AV) Core i7 5… Rs. 146,300
Dell OptiPlex 7040 Core i5 6th Generation Mini To… Rs. 58,999
ASUS Mini PC PN60 (8th Gen. Core™ i5) Rs. 64,900
HP ProBook 440 G7 Notebook PC (6XJ57AV) Core i7 5… Rs. 141,900
Viper 32" Core i5 9th Gen 8GB 1TB All-In-One PC Rs. 241,000
Dell Vostro 3670 Core i5 9th Gen 8GB 1TB Desktop … Rs. 86,500
Dell 9010 Desktop PC | Core i7-3RD Gen | 4GB | 50… Rs. 5,500
Lenovo V50A 23.8" Core i7 10th Gen 8GB 1TB HDD 2G… Rs. 227,806
Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF Dual Core 2GB 160GB Mini D… Rs. 6,692
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