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The best price of Detox Water Bottle in Pakistan is Rs. 249 and estimated average price is Rs. 834.


Years of neglect and unhealthy eating lead to toxin buildup in our body. Eating healthy and regular detoxification helps one get rid of toxins and harmful substances. It also heals the body from within and in multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to do that is by drinking infused water from a glass bottle throughout the day. If you would like to try this healing method, check out detox water bottle prices on this page and read on for more information.


The Need for Detoxification

Multiple health problems indicate that you have a toxin overload in your body. These health conditions could be acne, rashes, diarrhoea, constipation, food intolerances, digestive issues, frequent illnesses, fatigue, lower back pain, low energy, idiopathic headaches etc.

Though there might be some other causes, they can also mean that there are more than normal levels of chemicals and toxins in your body. This can be rectified through healthy eating, drinking lots of water, regular exercise and drinking a healthy detoxifying drink with you throughout the day in a clean glass bottle.

Detoxification can also lead to healthy weight loss and deep cleansing of internal organs such as the liver, gut, stomach etc. The blood gets purified and the whole body gets rejuvenated and uplifted. This can elevate your mood, energy levels and can help you get active and healthy. 

Detox Water Preparation

There isn't one but many recipes of detox water that you can easily make at home. Buy a detox water bottle at the best prices in Pakistan from our website and infuse your choice of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in clean fresh water. Leave it overnight or as advised by your healthcare physician. The temperature of the water depends on your preferences but experts believe it should be lukewarm to warm and never cold.

Adding cayenne, lemon or vinegar to the water speeds up the detoxification process. You can start drinking the water right away when you wake up in the morning. The fruits and vegetables stay immersed in the water or you can even strain the water if you like. Some water bottles come with a built-in infuser that keeps the food items immersed in the water without the need to strain them.

Tips & Comments

Most people find plain or unflavored water boring and can't drink more than 2 glasses at a stretch. Detox water can have multiple fruits or vegetables infused in it that give it a nice flavour or in some cases a zesty and delicious taste. So even if you don't have any apparent health conditions but want to drink a lot of water every day and are unable to due to its blandness, detox water is your best bet.

The best thing about this drink is that you have endless options that you will never get tired of. It is better to choose a safe to use glass bottle as some plastics can contain harmful chemicals. Keep that detox water bottle with you at home, your work desk or take it along with you to the market, gym or wherever you go, to reap maximum benefits. Just make sure not to go overboard as too much of anything is bad! 

Price List

Model Price
Detox Water Bottle Fruit Infuser Featuring a Full… Rs. 249
Detox Water Bottle Fruit Infuser Featuring a Full… Rs. 249
DETOX 600ml Plastic Water Bottle in Pakistan Rs. 1,299
Pastel Detox Water Bottle Rs. 999
Easy Shop Detox Water Bottle (0730) Rs. 850
Adorable Good Detox Water Bottle Rs. 1,150
Detox Water Bottle Fruit Infuser Featuring a Full… Rs. 249
DETOX 600ml Plastic Water Bottle Rs. 1,090
Detox Bottle 750 ml Rs. 599
Detox Bottle Rs. 1,200
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