Diamond Foam Mattress Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Diamond Foam Mattress in Pakistan is Rs. 20,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 41,055.


One of the leaders in the mattress market, Diamond Supreme Foam has been manufacturing mattresses for over 40 years. Making quality products, available at various prices depending on what kind of a mattress they are selling. From simple foam ones to the hybrids that are designed to support people with sleep issues.


An important appendage

A large rectangular pad that one sleeps on, fitting over the hard surface of a bed to provide cushioning. Mattresses are made of different materials, initially, natural fibres were packed to make them. Moving on to foam and then to mattresses with springs embedded inside and on. Picking the right mattress is important as it affects one's quality of sleep and has a lot to do with back health. If it isn't the right kind of mattress one can have pain and discomfort become a regular part of life.

One of the top local brands

Diamond Supreme Foam has been in the business since 1974, it is among the top 2 brands in Pakistan. Perhaps also known for one of the most famous commercial jingles in the country, 'kaam kaam kaam' from the 1990s. Diamond Supreme has been making newer versions of mattresses as they develop internationally, with the latest foam qualities keeping up with the times.

The Diamond Supreme range

The brand has a complete catalogue, only missing the latest SomniGel mattresses. Diamond Supreme starts with the basic foam mattress, which is available with different firmness depending on what one finds more comfortable. On to memory foam mattresses, these are designed for better support. Letting the hip and shoulder sink in a little to support the spine more. Box mattresses which are under the Dolce Vita label. These also have multiple layers combining different forms of foam to build a more comfortable mattress. The top end is a range that is crafted specifically for people who have difficulty sleeping, especially due to aches and pains. These are the hybrid kind of mattresses too, that are layered with various materials starting at the springs and ending with memory foam on top for the highest level of comfort.

The price range is all the way from the lower end to the higher end. Affected by which mattress you choose, the size and also the thickness. One can specify what they need between all these options to pick which mattress is best for their comfort.

Price List

Model Price
Mattress In A Box Rs. 21,300
Fresco O2 Rs. 64,600
Ortica Gelcool Rs. 25,700
Supreme Sleep Energiser Rs. 20,800
Supreme Ortica Rs. 24,400
La Grande Pillow Top Rs. 64,900
Supreme Passione Rs. 59,200
Ortica Gelcool Memory Rs. 29,500
Spine Tonic Rs. 59,100
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