Diesel Generator Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Diesel Generator in Pakistan is Rs. 184,211 and estimated average price is Rs. 315,349.


A useful machine for uninterrupted electric supply. A diesel generator is a reliable variant and depending on the size can power your whole home or office. There are many options for size and brands. The price of a diesel generator is high from a medium power size onward.

Pros & Cons


  • Not eco-friendly

  • Noisy


Generator convenience

Electricity powers all the devices we use today and if the power is gone a UPS can provide a backup but not for as long as a generator can. A generator will provide power for as long as there is fuel, which could essentially be for days even. Also, a generator can take the load of your heavy appliances such as ACs and fridges. 

Some places may be far from the electric grid and you would need a generator to live there. This could be your getaway home that is far from the city.

Power and the self-starting feature

A generators power rating is mentioned in numbers alongside 'kVA', the higher the number the more power a generator can produce. This means it can take on more appliances.

Some generators come with a self start feature that is very useful. As soon as the power drops from the WAPDA lines it will kick in and take over the load. This will save you the hassle of having to start it manually, something that is even more convenient in extreme weather conditions.

Considerations when purchasing

The advantage of a diesel generator is that it is a hardy machine, it will outlast most other kinds of generators. There is the downside of more noise and a larger carbon footprint. The noise can be managed with an option that has soundproofing. These soundproof generators reduce the roar to more of a hum; making a huge difference (your neighbours will appreciate this).

As for running cost, diesel is better than petrol but not as cost-effective as gas.


Which generator you purchase is a matter of your needs, first you need to check what amount of load it would be taking on. Then one can decide on whether they want to spend the extra on soundproofing or not.

The more power a generator produces, the higher it costs. The prices range from affordable to very expensive based on this. There are also differences in price between brands, naturally.

Price List

Model Price
Diesel generator – GDE30001 Rs. 252,907
Ingco GSE50003 Silent diesel generator Rs. 239,200
Silent diesel generator – GSE50003 Rs. 361,290
Yaofeng YFDS6500A 5KVA Super Silent Diesel Genera… Rs. 259,050
PRESCOTT DS-6000SE Silent Diesel Generator Rs. 367,200
Ingco Silent Diesel Generator – GSE50001 – Karach… Rs. 361,290
Jasco JD 7000 Diesel Generator Rs. 184,800
Ignite Power 8KVA Diesel Generator (IPL-8) Rs. 685,000
PRESCOTT DS-6000 Diesel Generator Rs. 288,900
Diesel Generator - DG 6500 CLE - 6.0/6.5 Rs. 184,211
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