Digital Thermometer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Digital Thermometer in Pakistan is Rs. 300 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,386.


Thermometers that work with electronic components and display the temperature on a small digital display are known as digital thermometers. These make the process a little faster and thus more convenient. Available at various prices depending on the brand and specific type in question.


Digital Thermometer

A digital thermometer is used to get the temperature of a person. There are a few different types, but they all show the reading on a small LCD display. The most basic one is similar in shape to the mercury thermometer and is also used similarly, it can either be placed under one's tongue or inside their armpit.

The other type includes a tympanic digital thermometer that has a bauble which is placed inside one's ear and gets a temperature reading from there. This is used to get a reading closer to the brain.

Another is the infrared thermometer that is pointed at your forehead and gets a reading without any touch. This is useful if a no-touch policy is in place.


Digital thermometers are not considered to be as accurate as the older mercury thermometers. There is a variation of ±0.2 °C (±0.35 °F) when new. One should regularly calibrate it to keep it within a minimal range of possible inaccuracy. 


A digital thermometer can cost from a mid to high range depending on the specific type and brand. Mothercare and Beurer are the known producers of digital thermometers. 

Price List

Model Price
TP101 Digital liquid Thermometer Probe temperatur… Rs. 399
Pack of 2- W1209 LED Digital Thermostat Temperatu… Rs. 700
Mini Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer Humidity … Rs. 915
TES-1311A Digital Thermometer Rs. 13,500
Mastech Digital Thermometer MS6512 Rs. 10,500
Mastech MS6512 Digital Thermometer Rs. 10,900
Hoteche 285501 Digital Infrared Thermometer Rs. 5,980
WT-2 Elitech Digital Thermometer Rs. 1,900
Elitech WT-1 Portable Pen Digital Thermometer Rs. 1,500
Mastech MS6522B LCD Digital Infrared Thermometer Rs. 5,000
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