Digital Watches For Men Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Digital Watches For Men in Pakistan is Rs. 1,050 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,362.


Digital watches are available for men and have an LCD display that shows the time and other information. One can find a lot of designs and models from many different brands. The prices vary depending on the model and brand. There are many affordable options, others in the mid-range and just as many in the expensive category.


Digital Watches for Men

Digital watches for men became very common in the 80s, these were watches that had LCD screens that have the time and other information displayed on them. Most of them display the date and time together; there are many other variations depending on the watch. Digital watches are a lot easier to read in comparison to the watches with clock hands.

LCD displays have a downside that some of them get polarized by sunlight and can be tough to read.

Seiko, Casio and Timex are the brands which are the most known in this category. They have their variations in design, with multiple lines. Some are geared for business people, others are retro designs and some are outdoor watches. There are options with metal or plastics and straps that are made from leather, rubber or cloth. 

Most digital watches have an illumination feature that has a fluorescent backlight which makes them easier to see in the dark.

Other models have things such as calculators or a small data bank. Casio and Seiko are famous for such features.


The prices of digital watches for men vary a lot depending on the model and brand. Many of the brands that produce digital watches for men have also started making smartwatches to keep up with the modern trends.

Price List

Model Price
NAVIFORCE Digital & Analog Japan Quartz Stainless… Rs. 4,096
SKMEI Men Watches Military Sports Watch Men Brand… Rs. 2,480
SKMEI Sport Digital Chronograph Dual Display Alar… Rs. 2,320
Casio Digital Youth Black Dial With Grey Bracelet… Rs. 8,935
Casio Digital Youth Black Dial With Grey Bracelet… Rs. 8,935
Naviforce Analog-digital Dual Time Chronograph Me… Rs. 8,012
1220 Alloy Case 30M Waterproof Luminous Classic Q… Rs. 2,499
Digital Watch for Men with Alarm & Night Mode Lig… Rs. 1,610
Naviforce Pulso Digital Men’s Watch (NF-9205-2) -… Rs. 9,720
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