Digital Weight Machine Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Digital Weight Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 475 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,047.


The digital weight machine is an improved upgrade from the analog scale using batteries to charge the LCD panel that displays the reading. The variety of options included in a digital weight machine including reading the same reading in Lbs, KG and Stones.



Digital weighing scales are precise in their reading of body weight, luggage and packages. They can pick up the slightest bit of weight as the responsive platform has multiple sensors built into the system. The pressure of standing on the scale will automatically turn on the digital weight machine. Some digital scales require first pressing the machine to turn it on and once the reader shows 0.00 then starting to measure the weight. There is also automatic digital weighing machines that do not require the ignition step and can directly read the weight at first contact. 

Easy To Read

The backlight feature makes it easy to read the display even in dimly lit rooms and in the darkness as the LCD will light up clearly showing the numbers. These machines can weigh up to 400 pounds capable of measuring heavy objects. Having a weighing scale at home can be very helpful in making sure luggage is not overweight when travelling on trains or flights as there are set kgs per ticket. Weighing scales can help avoid fines and extra additional payment for excess baggage at airports and train stations. The weighing scale can help track fitness progress and weight loss from the comfort of your bathroom or room. Important packages can be weighed at home mailing them to ensure they fit the set regulations and criteria of the postal services.  

Price List

Model Price
Ucheck Digital Body Weight Glass Scale - Weight M… Rs. 2,390
Certeza GS 807 - Digital Body Weight Glass Scale … Rs. 2,100
Tempered Glass Electronic Digital Body Weight Sca… Rs. 1,998
FRAKIN Digital Kitchen Scale 10kg Weight Machine … Rs. 950
Digital Weight Machine Personal Electronic Body W… Rs. 2,399
Slimpro Scales for Body Weight Smart Digital Bath… Rs. 3,499
10kg Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale Digital Wei… Rs. 1,400
Digital Weight Machine 1 Gram To 10 Kg Round Plat… Rs. 1,195
Digital Weight Machine Persnol Scale Rs. 1,950
Stainless Steel 180Kg Digital Body Weight Scale /… Rs. 3,499
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