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The best price of Diners Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 995 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,892.


The summer season is exhausting in Pakistan with high records of temperature going up to 45 degrees in some southern regions. The breathable and comfortable design of Diners shoes will keep your feet free from perspiration while ensuring that the orthopedic thick sole on the inside of the slipper will cushion your step.


Slippers & Sandals

The slippers with thin soles are ideal for inside the house or to walk outside in the garden. They have leather or woven canvas straps that are easy to slip on and take off when needed. The support in these summer shoes can keep you on your feet for hours without having to wear closed heavy shoes in the summer. 

The French Emporio design is a sandals design for men that are ideal for more formal lunches and dinners during the hot summer days in Pakistan. Worn with eastern suiting or casual shorts there are 7 different versions including the colours blue, brown and black. There are a total of 38 various slipper designs to choose from in colours blue, brown, black, coffee, white and beige with red accents and stripes, straps, double straps, scissor straps, cross straps which are great for outdoor and bathroom wear. The available shoe sizes in slippers and sandals for men are from 40 to 45. 

Formal Shoes

The black and brown traditional colours of leather formal shoes are given new innovative design details with texture, tassels and various gold buckles. There are two kinds of toe styles available in pointy and rounded, that can be chosen according to the occasion and personal style. The one to half-inch heel dinner wear shoes are great for men looking to add a little height to themselves that will boost confidence and self-esteem. The tan colour is considered a retro classic colour that has various versions with mixed colour gradients and scales making it an interesting design. The snake and crocodile texture is dramatic and is for men who have bold personalities. There are combination designs that have patches of velvet with leather that look glamorous and flashy especially in the pointy toe and gold buckle.

The casual shoes have soft velvety loafers that are also available in subtle suede material. These are considered comfortable and leisurely footwear for men that can be worn with jeans, trousers, khakis and shorts during the summer. For men who want to add colour to their wardrobe, the maroons and red casual shoes will look great with any outfit.

Casual Shoes

There are denim and canvas material slip-on closed shoes available in colours in grey, blue, beige, white. These are similar to the classic tennis shoe style with a flat sole. Those who want a little more support and comfort in their casual walking shoes can enjoy the sneaker designs with a thick sole and cushion inside the shoe. The fun textured colours are available in grey, white and black 

Price List

Model Price
French Emporio Men Sandals SKU: PSLD-0052-TAN Rs. 2,233
French Emporio Men's Sandal SKU: PSLD-0040-GREY Rs. 1,495
French Emporio Men Sandals SKU: PSLD-0025-BLACK Rs. 1,645
French Emporio Men Sandal SKU: PSLD0011-Black Rs. 1,635
French Emporio Men's Sandal SKU: SLD-0042-BLACK Rs. 3,283
Slippers For Men In Black SKU: SLP-0065-BLACK Rs. 1,845
Slippers For Men SKU: SLP-0074-BROWN Rs. 3,283
Description: This eccentric colored mustard pair … Rs. 2,093
Casual Shoes For Men in Coffee SKU: SMJ0009-COFFEE Rs. 3,495
Formal Shoes For Men in Brown Rs. 3,245
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