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The best price of Dior Fahrenheit in Pakistan is Rs. 699 and estimated average price is Rs. 30,570.


Christian Dior is among the top brands in the world when it comes to fashion. Also, a fragrance producer that has many successful fragrances, including Dior Fahrenheit. A cologne for men that was launched in 1988 and is one of the most liked colognes in the market. Fahrenheit has a complex range of tones including leather, wood, spicy, aromatic, aquatic, floral, citrus and green. These come together to make something that is Fougere and aromatic at the base level. This is an expensive fragrance, given Dior uses some of the best ingredients and is also a high-end brand.


Dior today is one of the best brands in the fashion world, the man behind it, Christian Dior, was credited with making Paris the centre of fashion again post-WWII. Dior also has a wide range of fragrances, with many hit perfumes and colognes; among which one also finds Fahrenheit.

Dior Fahrenheit

It is hard to pin a few tones with Fahrenheit, but one often hears aromatic, leathery, Fougere and spicy. This is due to the many ingredients used to create this cologne.

The top layer alone has 8 different notes. These include bergamot, camomile, lavender, mandarin orange, nutmeg flower, hawthorn, cedar and lemon. This makes for a very layered opening that provides a lot of different tones to one's nose. After this layer, the middle of the heart has its own large set of tones.

The middle is made from violet leaf, nutmeg, cedar, sandalwood, honeysuckle, carnation, jasmine and lily of the valley. This layer too is a very complex one, giving one aromatics, wood and spice too. At the base, one finds leather, vetiver, musk, amber, patchouli and tonka bean.

A base like this provides a lot of warmth and musk, with some spice too. Overall the spicy notes are many, with aromatics being the second and followed by wood. The strong base makes it easy to tag this cologne with a leathery musk.

Overall Dior Fahrenheit is a cologne that changes hints over the time it is worn. This cologne can be worn at any time and in any season, the may tones means it can suit just as many occasions.

The staying power is high as is the sillage.


Dior is considered a high-end brand and many of their products are expensive, as is Fahrenheit, especially by Pakistani standards.

Price List

Model Price
Dio r Fahrenhei t Perfume EDT 100ml Rs. 3,499
Christian Dior Fahrenheit - ATTAR (Roll On Perfum… Rs. 699
Christian Dior Fahrehehit EDT 200ML (Men) Rs. 28,200
Christian Dior Fahrenheit - ATTAR (Roll On Perfum… Rs. 699
Fahrenheit For Men By Dior Parfum Spray 75 ml Rs. 29,160
Christian Dior Fahrenheit Men EDT 200ml Rs. 39,900
Christian Dior Fahrenheit Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 24,000
Christian Dior Fahrenheit EDT 100ml Rs. 35,929
Dior Fahrenheit Perfume Toilette 100ml Rs. 9,300
Christian Dior Fahrenheit For Men Edt Spray 100ml… Rs. 32,700
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