Diva Pimple Defence Face Wash Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Diva Pimple Defence Face Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 153 and estimated average price is Rs. 166.


To keep one's face clean so there are lesser chances of pimples, they can use Diva Pimple Defence Face Wash. It is designed with herbal extracts to help with the cleanse and protection. An affordable face wash for most.


Many people want to keep their skin super clean so they do not get pimples or have other skin issues that are caused by excess oil and dirt. The Diva Pimple Defence Face Wash can help people who want to keep away pimples.

Made with neem leaf extracts and tea tree oil, the Diva Pimple Defence Face Wash helps fight germs. The formula is also designed to remove excess oil and prevent pimples via that. All this along with hydration as well; this gives users clean and supple skin.

The Diva Pimple Defence Face Wash can be used at least once a day, after your long day out or twice if you have oilier skin. One can try what works for them as each person's skin varies a little and figuring the balance can be beneficial.

This face wash is available for affordable prices, making it easier to look after your skin.

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Model Price
Diva Pimple Defense Face Wash Neem Leaf Extract a… Rs. 180
Diva Facewash Pimple Defense 75ML Rs. 153
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