Dog Harness Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dog Harness in Pakistan is Rs. 280 and estimated average price is Rs. 971.


There are many types of dog harness designs available online that offer pet owners security and control over their small, medium to large dogs. The adjustable straps, clip-on slots for leash attachments make sure the dog can be directed without yanking or pulling too hard on the neck area. They remain comfortable and protected from injuries and strains when being taken out for walks. WIth less leash pulling dogs remain calm and friendly reducing unwanted jumping up and disruptive leash behaviour.



The dog harness can be purchased with a leash attachment, easy-grab handle placed on the top of the harness that helps control the dog without hurting their back or neck. The design supports the dog by distributing the pressure evenly around the chest and shoulders ensuring the owner has a lot more control over its actions. 


There are breathable harnesses made from mesh and stretchable nylon that are easy to put on your dog, with quick-release buckles ensuring no time is wasted when preparing to leave the house. The back clip harness is popular as owners can walk behind their dog being able to keep an eye on their movement. The multiple slots to attach the leash can offer better control ensuring all activities with your dog are safe and secure. These are called dual-clip harnesses with up to five adjustment points making it easy to run, hike and jog with your K9 buddy. 

Price List

Model Price
Dog Harness and Leash (Adjustable) - Black Rs. 1,890
Dog Reflective harness + Leash - M size Rs. 995
Dog Reflective harness + Leash - M size Rs. 995
Harness For Dogs ( Leather ) Rs. 999
Jeans Harness & Leash For Your Dog Rs. 1,250
Dog Harness + Leash -XL size ( Heavy Duty ) Rs. 1,020
Vest Harness For Dogs - Adjustable - Large Size Rs. 1,055
High Quality Harness+ Leash For Dogs -adjustable Rs. 945
Weight Pulling Dog Training Harness Rs. 2,450
XL- Soft Harness For Dog Rs. 950
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