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The best price of Drawstring Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 1,350 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,592.


A simple kind of bag that can be used to carry nearly anything. Drawstring bags are convenient for carrying and for overnight stays. The price of drawstring bags is generally in the lower ranges.


Drawstring Bag

One of the simplest, if not the simplest, kinds of bags made to carry one's things. A drawstring bag dates back to ancient times. There has been no change in the basic functionality since; letting one know exactly how simple and efficient this kind of bag is.

This bag can be made from any kind of soft material, so it is common to find them in various fabrics, plastics or leather.

Design of a drawstring bag

The pouch portion is made from two pieces of cloth that are stitched together, the shape can be anything that is without constricting lines. To keep it most efficient it is generally a rectangle. The drawstring is looped around the opening, inserted into a sleeve that makes up the opening. Due to the string being looped, if one pulls at the two ends it tightens up the loop and closes the bag.

The only difference today is that the lower corners have grommets inserted so the string can be attached there, making it easier to carry the bag on one's back. Sometimes there are also just simple loops for this purpose made from the same fabric as the bag, instead of grommets.

Print and pattern

Today many different brands produce drawstring bags, so one can find versions from most cartoons, movies,  superhero comics, major league sports teams, athletics brands and fashion brands. The fabric is printed with a pattern of many kinds, at times making use of a logo from a brand or company.

It is also one of the cheapest kinds of bags to have made, which is why many brands give them out as promotional items.


One of the great things about a drawstring bag is that it can easily be folded up into a small size, so one could keep one along in case it is needed. 

A drawstring bag is convenient for shorter-term or light usage. The string straps can start cutting too much into one's traps after a certain amount of time wearing it. 

One can find drawstring bags the size of a small pouch all the way to the same size as a backpack or larger.

The price of drawstring bags is generally nominal unless it belongs to a luxury fashion brand. One can choose one based on the size, design and price.

Price List

Model Price
Batman – Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Bear – Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Drawstring Bag 013 Rs. 1,599
Panda – Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Sammy – Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Lucifer- Netflix – Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Babar Azam – Karachi Kings – PSL – Drawstring bag Rs. 1,599
Yeh Toh Hoga – Laddan Jaffery – Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Absolutely Not Imrankhan Drawstring Bag Rs. 1,599
Big League DRAWSTRING BAG Rs. 1,499
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