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The best price of Duffle Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,808.


A duffle bag can be used for many purposes, making it a versatile bag to own. There are many different sizes and also a few different materials to choose from. The price of a duffle bag depends on its size, material and brand.


Duffle Bag

One of the simplest forms of a bag that has existed for centuries, the word duffle originates from the Belgian town, Duffle. This was where thick duffle cloth was made in the 17th century. Among the various uses, it was also used to make bags, therefore the name.

The design and materials of a duffle bag

This kind of bag is cylindrical in shape with an entry opening along the side of the cylinder. This varies from the original design that has a top entry into the bag and today is more similar to what is known as a 'gym bag'. Still one can find some that have the older style of opening.

The opening has a zipper along it to contain the items inside. It has two loop handles that are set along the opening and one large shoulder strap sometimes that is attached end to end.

Duffle bags are mostly made from softer materials such as canvas, plastic-based fabric or leather.

Uses of a duffle bag

Given that the structure is open and the material is not rigid, it is a bag that works well for many purposes; including bulky items such as sporting equipment. It makes for an easy travel bag for overnight stays.


Duffle bags are made by many different brands, a very high-quality producer is OverBoard. Locally Jafferjee's also produces an iteration of this bag.

The prices vary a lot based on the size, material and brand of the bag, ranging from the lower ends all the way to the top. One can decide based on what they need and their budget.

Price List

Model Price
Hlnb . Bag Replacement Shoulder Strap Adjustable … Rs. 299
Grey Travel Duffle Bag For Women, Bag for Girls, … Rs. 1,549
Hustlers Gym Bag, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with W… Rs. 2,999
MKL 10 Training Duffle Bag Black 50020 Rs. 7,990
Black mini duffle bag Rs. 2,745
Duffle Leather Gym Bag Travel Bag Leather Men's L… Rs. 1,861
Blue mini duffle bag Rs. 2,745
Premium School Drawstring Duffle Bag Shoe Backpack Rs. 600
JUMP NICE Duffel / Travel Bag - 6511 Rs. 8,300
Hustlers Gym Bag, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with W… Rs. 2,999
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