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The best price of Dunhill Century in Pakistan is Rs. 6,600 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,510.


Unlike a lot of options for men that rely on wood notes and musk, Dunhill Century is more along the lines of aromatic and spicy. There are some wood and musk hints but only to add some warmth to the overall feel of this cologne. Century by Dunhill would make for a good daily wear cologne as the fragrance suits most seasons and times of the day as well. The price is just a little higher than what would be affordable, still in a range that would allow more to afford it.


A male-centric brand, Dunhill has quite a few options for men to choose from. Among these options, one finds Dunhill Centruy, a cologne that is mostly liked or loved as well. It could be worn in any season as it is more aromatic and spicy, with some warm tones at the base to give it a fullness.

Dunhill Century

At the top of Century, one finds an opening of citrus scents that belong to grapefruit, mandarin orange and bergamot. The heart notes belong to neroli, olibanum and cardamom; these give one the aromatics that make a large part of this cologne. The spice also comes from the heart notes, from olibanum and cardamom. For the base, there is cypriol, sandalwood and musk.

The base layers bring in a bit of warmth and sweetness as well due to the sandalwood.

All of the layers combined bring out the softer aromatics and have spices closely intertwined.


If one wants a cologne that is not all about wood notes and musk, Dunhill Century is a good choice as it is from a different side of the fragrance profile.

As far as price goes, Dunhill Century is just at the top end of affordable prices. Still, it is a relatively affordable cologne. 

Price List

Model Price
Dunhill Century Blue EDP for Men 135ml Rs. 7,500
Dunhill Century EDP For Men 135ml Rs. 7,500
Century For Men By Dunhill Eau De Parfum Spray 13… Rs. 8,800
Century Blue For Men By Dunhill Eau De Parfum Spr… Rs. 8,800
Dunhill Century Blue For Men Edp 135 ml Rs. 9,660
Dunhill London Century Blue Eau de Parfum For Men… Rs. 11,132
Century by Dunhill 75ml EDP Rs. 12,128
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