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The best price of Dunhill Desire Extreme in Pakistan is Rs. 4,440 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,775.


Perhaps one of the most successful colognes is Dunhill Desire. The brand launched many versions over time, with Dunhill Desire Extreme being one of those later versions. This is a more mature scent compared to the original; with a stronger leather tone to it. The opening still has the freshness from citruses and some aromatics from floral notes. The price of Dunhill Desire Extreme is in an affordable range, despite its quality and level of scent.


Dunhill is a brand that caters to men more than it does to women. The modern brand we know was reoriented from a saddle making brand that Alfred Dunhill inherited. Over time Dunhill has also gotten into fragrance production, with the Desire line being one of the most successful.

This success was international and also spawned many iterations over time; such as Desire Extreme as well which was launched in 2017.

Dunhill Desire Extreme

This cologne retains some of the feelings of the original Dunhill Desire Red, not that it has similar tones or scents. But the sophistication, versatility and depth are in the same range; giving both of them kin like characteristics.

The top notes consist of blood orange, saffron and bergamot. These give it a fresh open with some warmth from saffron. This leads to the heart notes that have cypress and clary sage. Wood notes are a major tone of cypress and the clary sage is a very potent green note.

At the base, one finds leather, vetiver, patchouli and amber. This is where the known Desire musk comes in, a side of fragrances that is often considered to be the 'manly' tone.

The staying power is roughly at 5 to 7 hours which is quite a bit. After which a person would need to be closer to smell it.

Dunhill Desire Extreme is associated with the night and winter due to the deeper, darker tones. Other people think of it as okay for autumn and daytime as well. This of course is a matter of personal preference, when you decide to wear it. The versatile nature makes it a great regular wear cologne.


The price of Dunhill Desire Extreme is in an affordable range, especially given its quality and fame. This makes it a high-value cologne to purchase.

Price List

Model Price
Dunhill Desire Extreme Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 7,350
Dunhill Desire Extreme Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 7,350
Desire Extreme For Men By Dunhill Eau De Toilette… Rs. 6,800
Dunhill Desire Red Extreme EDT 100ml Rs. 7,000
Dunhill Desire Extreme Edt For Men 100 ml Rs. 8,060
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