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The best price of Dunhill Fresh in Pakistan is Rs. 5,387 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,387.


A brand all about men, Dunhill has a lot of colognes to choose from. Among this collection, one finds Dunhill Fresh, a scent that lives up to its name. Consisting of aromatic, green and woody notes; this cologne has a fresh feel and is often associated with the daytime, spring or summer seasons. The price of Dunhill Fresh is in an affordable range, making it a great value purchase.


Dunhill the brand we know today was reoriented by Alfred Dunhill, from an inherited saddle making business. The brand is all about men, producing a lot of leather items, accessories, clothing and fragrances. There are quite a lot of options to choose from in the fragrance segment; with a wide scent profile, ranging from oriental and woody to fresh and light. If one is looking for the latter, Dunhill Fresh is a good choice.

Dunhill Fresh

As the name of this cologne suggest it is on the side of lighter scents. The main accords associated with it are green, aromatic and then woody. The head notes include mint, green notes, basil, lavender and sage. All these bring a herbal freshness along with some aromatic notes from lavender.

At the heart, one finds freesia, iris, violet and mimosa. This makes for a very aromatic centre, near cloying, but a good balance eases it out some. For the base, there are wood tones, including oakmoss, patchouli, amber, coumarin, cedar and vetiver. Combined these create the warm musky scent where all the freshness resides.

Dunhill Fresh is a well-liked cologne and it was among the more successful scents from the brand. It is something that easily lasts a few hours, making you smell good without being a heavy scent that is typical with a lot of wood and musk.


The price of Dunhill Fresh is in an affordable range, making it easier to purchase for a lot of people. This lets ore enjoy the scent that is light, green and woody; a great balance for your scent.

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Dunhill London Fresh Eau De Toilette For Men 100ml Rs. 5,387
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