Dust Blower Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dust Blower in Pakistan is Rs. 2,584 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,724.


Dust blower can be used in homes, factories, construction sites, road cleaning and large halls for a variety of reasons from cleansing, clearing and drying surfaces. The blower uses impellers directing a trust of air in a particular direction using a long tube to control air pressure.


Dust Blower can instantly clear and unclog hard to reach areas, cracks, the machine parts that are hard to clean by hand. Using a dust blower can ensure machines do not get damaged due to excessive build-up of dust. Dust blowers are adaptive and simple to use, they can clean, dry and humidity while effectively dispersing dirt and dust.

Dust blowers are easy to maintain, built with durable materials such as aluminium alloy and stainless steel that are self-cleaning when the machine is turned on. Their high-quality bearings will produce low noise making them blend into the work environment. A dust blower can also be used as a leaf blower clearing your garden, patio and front yard from any fallen leaves or trash. 

Easy To Use

The simple operational controls make the dust blower a handy tool that does not require effort or experience. The results are professional and you wont to bend down to remove leaves from the garden or clear your home appliances, electronics, oven or any other appliances making this a one-step cleaning process. 

Types Of Dust Blowers

There are three kinds of dust blowers in the market including corded that have an attached electric wire to power the motor, the wireless dust blowers that can be mobile reaching as far as needed not worry about the power source and the gas-powered dust blower that has a little tank of gas build into the machine to carry on your back as your use it. 


It is recommended to wear gloves and goggles when operating heavy-duty or industrial dust blowers as to avoid getting any dust particles in your eyes. 

Price List

Model Price
Crown CT-17013 Air Dust Blower 550W Rs. 5,820
Crown CT-17010V Dust Blower 710W Rs. 7,740
Prescott 2 In 1 Dust Blower Vacuum 400W High Qual… Rs. 5,751
Total 2 In 1 Dust Blower Vacuum 400W High Quality Rs. 6,247
Black & Decker Dust Blower Variable Speed KTX5000… Rs. 7,300
Stanley STPT600 - Dust Blower 600w Rs. 6,600
Crown CT-17010V Dust Blower 710W Rs. 7,740
Black & Decker BDB530 Dust Blower 530w Rs. 7,500
Prescott Electric Dust Blower – 650W – Green Rs. 5,850
Black & Decker BDB530 Dust Blower 530w Rs. 7,500
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