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The best price of Duvet Covers in Pakistan is Rs. 1,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,416.


A type of bedding, Duvets are commonly used around the world for keeping warm during the winter season. They are usually covered with a protective sleeve that come in all sizes, colours, patterns and materials. While the cover protects the duvet, you can also easily change the look of the bedding and match it with the rest of the room decor. Check out duvet covers prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Duvets are filled with synthetic as well as natural fillings like duck or goose down and feather. The filling works as insulators that trap the heat and keep the sleeper warm. The covers work as a barrier between the sleeper and the duvet, eliminating the need to wash the duvet very often. They are also inexpensive and machine washable, making them extremely easy to manage. 

Duvet Covers in Pakistan

ChenOne, The Linen House and Gul Ahmed duvets and covers are considered amongs the best and highly sought after in Pakistan. The covers for normal use can be printed, embroidered or plain. Some Pakistani homemakers prefer covers with traditional embroiudery techniques like mirror work, thread work, resham, tilla, sequins and ribbon work etc. Covers with Afghani, Pashtun, Punjabi, Balouchi and Sindhi embroidery techniques or patterns such as ralli and ajrak are also quite popular in Pakistan. They are mostly handmade, look traditional and add a rustic feel to the room decor. Duvet covers for kids come in cute designs featuring famous cartoon characters, objects and different designs and shapes.

Duvet Protection

Not all duvets are machine washable or easy to dry. The duvet's cover can help elongate the life of the duvet and prevent it from getting dirty. Depending on the material of the cover, it will protect the duvet against dust, stains, body sweat and in some cases, liquid spills and splashes during use. 

Easy to Remove & Clean

It is usually difficult to wash the entire duvet every so often as they are filled with down or feather and can be really hard to dry. Duvet covers are easy to remove and can be washed whenever the need be without having to wash the entire duvet.

Colour & Design Variety

While duvets are almost always white in colour, their covers come in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials. You can change the cover frequently to switch between different decors and looks. The covers can be in multiple materials like velvet, silk, cotton, satin, flannel, polyester, poly blend, microfiber, percale etc.

Easy Storage

The covers are compact and easy to store. They can be stacked on top of each other in the laundry room or a cabinet as they do not take up much space at all.

Tips & Comments

The most common type of duvet cover is cotton as well as also the most breathable and comfortable. While looking for a cover for duvet, make sure to go for the variety that has a thread count of 300 and above. This will ensure the optimum protection of your duvet from getting soiled. Silk covers are great for those who have allergies and prefer the luxurious feel of silk fabric. They also look very modern and give off classy vibes.

Price List

Model Price
Super Soft Cotton Plain Duvet Cover Set With Pill… Rs. 2,149
Soft Cotton Peppa Gorge Single Duvet Cover Set Wi… Rs. 1,499
Beddy's Studio Pure Cotton Plain Solid Color Quil… Rs. 4,699
Quilt Cover / Duvet Cover - Morning Rays Duckegg … Rs. 4,425
Beddy's Studio Pure Cotton Plain Solid Color Quil… Rs. 4,699
Kaleidoscope T-150 Quilt Cover Set Rs. 3,483
8 PCs Duvet Cover Set-Floral Lily Rs. 6,250
Single Size Noah Rnf Duvet Cover Set (Beige-Ecru) Rs. 4,480
Unstitched Duvet Cover - D126 (Roll on Packing) Rs. 8,250
Quilt Cover / Duvet Cover - Morning Rays Pink - F… Rs. 4,948
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