E-Lites Hand Mixer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of E-Lites Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs. 1,650 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,770.


A very useful kitchen tool that can be used for various small tasks that would take a lot more time otherwise. An affordable option, the E-Lites hand mixer would add a lot of convenience to your kitchen.


The E-Lites hand mixer is designed to be used with ease, it also has a small cover around the blade so one does not splash things everywhere.

There are variable speeds, this lets one have the apt speed for the specific task they have in mind. The E-Lites hand mixer can be used to mix cake batter, churn butter, make sauces or just mix other ingredients together in a more even and fine manner.

Most of these tasks would take a lot more time, the E-Lites hand mixer can help save time in the kitchen as well as reduce the hassle one would have to go through.

Available for an affordable price, the E-Lites hand mixer is a high-value device given all the convenience it would add to your kitchen.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Hand Mixer 5203 Rs. 9,750
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5270 Rs. 11,100
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5205 M Rs. 11,100
E-Lite Super Insect Killer EIK-30 Rs. 9,967
WESTPOINT Hand Mixer WF-9301 Rs. 4,900
Black & Decker Hand Mixer M350 White & Grey Rs. 7,200
WESTPOINT Hand Mixer WF-9800 Rs. 5,500
E-lite EIK-16L Jasmine Insect Killer Rs. 5,380
Cambridge | Hand Mixer | SKU | HM0406 Rs. 6,060
Philips Daily Collection Hand Mixer (HR3705/20) Rs. 7,870
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