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The best price of Easycap Usb in Pakistan is Rs. 750 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,249.


If you want to convert your VHS video cassettes into a digital format, EasyCap USB is one of the simplest ways to do so. You can connect your VCR to it and record the video into your computer, or even use it just as a display for the VCR. The price of EasyCap is nominal.


EasyCap USB

Converting one's analogue video or audio into digital can be a hassle. EasyCap USB makes that task simple and with a name that says as much, it is a portmanteau of the words easy-capture. This allows one to store their videos for longer as video cassettes tend to spoil after a certain number of years.

This little device allows users to connect their VCR or DVD player to it and stream into a computer via the USB port. The software that comes with EasyCap USB allows you to save the videos in digital formats that you can store to access later. 

The inputs are one RCA Composite and one S-Video port. The audio input is through the RCA Composite and gives you stereo sound. EasyCap is powered via the USB so it does need any external power source, making things simple. It can capture NTSC at 720X480p with a frame rate of 30fps and PAL at 720X576p with a frame rate of 25fps.

Not only can this device be used to record the videos one is watching but it can also be used to make one's computer screen as the display to watch on. So even older game consoles can be connected to your computer display and played.


This device is available for nominal prices, as the need for it relates to legacy products that are no longer in regular use. EasyCap is a simple, quick and efficient way to convert ones VHS video cassettes into the digital format to be archived. 

Price List

Model Price
Muzamil Store Easy Cap Audio Video To USB Convert… Rs. 950
Ferozi Traders Easy Cap Audio Video To USB Conver… Rs. 1,049
Easy Cap Usb Rs. 1,999
Easy Cap USB Rs. 1,500
Easycap USB 2.0 Easy Cap Video TV DVD VHS DVR Cap… Rs. 750
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