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The Easymax Glucometer is a device used to read blood sugar levels for diabetics. This device is easy to use and can also log quite a lot of results so you can look back at them to get an overview. The price of this glucometer is quite affordable.


An important device for diabetics, the Easymax glucometers are needed to keep a read on blood sugar levels. Built with fast sensors so that they require a very small amount of blood to give accurate readings. The readings can be logged, it stored nearly 500 readings so one can go over their history to get an overview if needed, or in case the results need to be seen by a doctor.

The battery runs for a few thousand tests so there is ample usage before one needs to change it.

Easymax has different models and some don't need coding with new strips, reducing the steps one has to take to get a read.

The price of Easymax glucometers is in an affordable range, making them accessible.

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