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The best price of Eco Slim in Pakistan is Rs. 1,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,778.


Rapid weight loss has been desired for decades, our busy lives, bad habits and a number of factors outside our control like genetic makeup and natural tendencies of gaining weight unable us to enjoy a healthy life. These weight-loss pills are designed by pharmacists and do not have any fatal side effects.


Natural Supplement

The EcoSlim health brand claims that by having their fat-loss capsules for one month can help consumers drop 8 KG and some accounts claim a visible 5-7 Kg in 15 days. They are made from plant-based ingredients including Cassia Seed, Mulberry, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn, Jasmine, Neroli, and Rose. In a 500 Mg bottle, there are 30 pills (can be consumed once or twice daily). 


The consumption of starchy or fatty foods reduces the metabolic rate of the body as it does not consume enough vegetable-based diet. The imbalance in diets is the number one factor in gaining weight. We feel lazy when we eat carbohydrates because it turns into fat in our bodies but when we consume vegetables it acts as fibre helping us breakdown food faster. The ability to digest food fast is a great way to keep in good shape and not accumulate excess fat in the body. 

Adding Eco Slim to your diet will help boost energy levels by adding important nutrition to your everyday meals. The breakdown of tough fats stored in the body requires discipline, exercise and mindfulness of what we consume on a daily basis. The benefit of taking Eco Slim is that is targets these very stubborn fats stored between organs to help quicken weight loss by boosting the metabolic rate.

The stubborn tummy or belly fat is an unwanted side effect of unhealthy eating, our Pakistani cuisine has wheat, flour, oil and butter (desi ghee) base that are high-calorie foods. The lack of physical activity in our daily lives makes it impossible to shed the weight showing on our stomach. The 9-5 working hours, household chores and using cars instead of cycles or walking makes it hard to do even 10,000 steps in a day. Taking the support of slimming pills helps increases strength when feeling low and lazy, enabling consumers to possibly take a walk after work or in their spare time. 

Instructions & Precautions 

Recommended to be consumed during or after any two regular meals in a day. The consumer will have to count calories while they are taking the supplement as it is not a licence to eat more but better to be consumed with a small to a normal-sized portion of food. The guidelines to how many calories men and women can consumer daily are different for each individual case. The internet has a lot of tips on what diet plan works best based on your current weight, age, gender and height. 

The pills are not for children under 18 or for women during pregnancy. It can not treat any diseases including diabetes or obesity. You do not need a doctors prescription for buying or eating these pills. 

Price List

Model Price
Slim-fit eco-design jeans Rs. 1,799
L34 slim-fit eco-design jeans Rs. 1,699
Evergreen Slim Fit Eco Rs. 1,899
Bisfree Eco Slim Water Bottle Tritan - 500ML - Gr… Rs. 1,250
Marcus - Slim Fit Eco Rs. 1,899
Bisfree Eco Slim Water Bottle Tritan 500Ml Blue Rs. 1,950
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