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The Uninterruptable Power Supply or UPS by EcoStar is one of the most sought after products of the company. The equipment requires little maintenance and is cheaper than generators and investors. EcoStar also provides warranty of up to one year and great after-sale services. Check out EcoStar UPS prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.

Pros & Cons


  • Noise Free

  • Budget-friendly

  • Great after-sale service

  • Warranty of up to 1 year

  • UPS are cheaper than invertors

  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Cost-effective as compared to generators


  • Gives a few hours of power supply

  • Incapable of powering heavy appliances for a long duration


EcoStar manufactures a range of electronic appliances that include LED TVs, Smart TVs, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Power Solutions, Solar Solutions etc. Frequent power outages are a common problem all around Pakistan. People need to have a power backup such as generators and more commonly UPS as a quick solution to long hours of load shedding in the country.

EcoStar UPS and Inverters are capable of providing power to the whole house or workplace, but they can power heavy electrical devices for a short duration only. 

EcoStar UPS vs EcoStar Invertors

Both function as a power backup to electrical systems, the difference lies in their mechanism. UPS instantly turns on as soon as there is a power outage as it has a close to zero switching time. This is because the UPS continuously charges and runs on the battery simultaneously.

An inverter, on the other hand, has a delayed time of switching on, around a few microseconds. For a seamless and continued power supply, go for EcoStar invertors instead of UPS. For computer or other such electronic devices, opt for EcoStar UPS for uninterrupted power supply and zero switching time.

Good quality and durable EcoStar UPS and inverters are available online at varied prices in Pakistan. 

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