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Compare 190 prices from 3 stores.

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A complete store that has options for everyone to shop from. The styles are modern and sleek. The brand produces eastern and western wear, both. Edenrobe is a competitively priced brand and often has items on sale making them even more affordable.


Edenrobe the brand

A brand that has been producing affordable clothes for kids since 1988, making use of a colourful palette. Over time Edenrobe has gained traction and expanded its catalogue. Today they cater to men, women and children. Essentially a one-stop-shop that has ready-made clothes, accessories and also a range of fragrances.

Designs and variety

With a focus on chic and urban designs, Edenrobe has multiple lines for women, that is one of the larger catalogue sections. Known as the Winter, Cambric, Festive, Monochrome and Summer fashion collections. It incorporates options from casual to formal. The Allure Collection is their summer exclusive that makes use of geometric patterns and illustration based graphics. They also have a variety of western tops as an alternative or for female professionals. 

For men, the brand has formal office wear, casual wear and a range of shalwar kameez. Keeping in mind again that people need formal wear but also casual wear, so they cater to this by having suits and also stocking blazers that can be worn for a casual evening out. The styles for all of their options are urban and neat.

The kid's segment caters to little girls and boys. Keeping in mind all the various places kids need clothes for, Edenrobe has made items for each. Maintaining their original colourful variety as kids prefer colour.

Taking into account all these segments, they also have winter clothes such as hoodies and sweaters for all.

Edenrobe Sale

Generally, Edenrobe is a competitively priced brand making it more accessible to a larger base of people. But to add even more value Edenrobe has sales, up to 50% at times. This makes it a lot more convenient to buy their clothes. Being able to buy good quality and with many options to choose from really adds to the brand their customers' happiness.

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The best price of Edenrobe Sale in Pakistan is Rs. 2,246 and the estimated average price is Rs. 3,663.

Price List

Model Price
Edenrobe Men's Black Hoodie - Emth23-003 Rs. 4,118
Edenrobe Men's Beige Pant - Embpf23-15258 Rs. 4,868
Edenrobe Men's Light Blue Shirt - Emtsi23-50662 Rs. 2,993
Edenrobe Women's Fragrance 100ml - Ebwf-blonde Rs. 4,232
Edenrobe Men's Blue Shirt Plain - Emtsi23-50645 Rs. 2,618
Edenrobe Men's Dark Brown Pant - Embpf22-15242 Rs. 2,996
Sublime by edenrobe Men's Unstitched Blended Fabr… Rs. 3,193
Edenrobe Men's Chocolate Brown Pant - Embpf22-152… Rs. 2,996
Edenrobe Men's Fragrance 100ml - Ebmf-fleet Rs. 3,192
Edenrobe Men's Light Blue Shirt Plain - Emtsb22-0… Rs. 2,469