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The best price of Educational Toys in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,905.


Using toys for your child's learning and development is a great idea. Educational toys vary according to age and can be bought online from our website as we have age-appropriate learning toys and gadgets for all age groups. If you are looking for options but don't know what to buy, choose from the list below and order educational toys at the best prices in Pakistan from our website.


Babies 1 to 2 Years Old

Little babies at this age love toys that make noise and respond to their actions. Cause and effect toys help kids learn to control and teach them a sense of arrangement. At this stage, a baby is too young to learn the alphabet but can make the best use of his newly acquired motor skills. Introducing cause and effect toys can keep your baby busy for hours and at the same time learn many new things like how to stack cups and boxes, critical thinking, how to hit with a bat, operate musical toys, sort shapes, solve puzzle, problem-solving, trial and error etc. Educational toys for 1 to 2-year-old babies can be: 

1. Shape sorters

2. Pop up toys

3. Stacking rings

4. Musical instruments

5. Nesting cups or boxes

6. Bath time rubber toys

7. Noisy push or pull toys

8. Hammering & pounding toys

9. Toy vehicles & figurines

10. Uncomplicated puzzle games with just a few pieces

Educational Toys for Toddlers 3 to 6 Years

Kids this age can benefit a lot from building blocks as the activity can enhance their fine motor skills and teach them about gravity and balance. They look for fun toys that they can operate themselves and will enjoy ride-on toys as well. Lots of kids in this age group like to pretend-play with stuffed animals and talking dolls, musical instruments etc. Their actions mimic those around them and this is the time when the kids learn good behaviour and interaction skills. You can also introduce academic learning toys like numbered blocks or the ones with the alphabet, art supplies, . Learning toys to look out for are:

1. Building blocks & LEGO sets, large puzzles

2. Art supplies & craft kits

3. Ride-on toys such as tricycles and bicycles

4. Toy telephones, action figures

5. Toy kitchen set, tea party set

6. Pretend-play sets

7. Construction toys that can be snapped together

8. Barbie, dolls, doll stroller

9. Stuffed animals

10. Musical instruments with lights 

11. Large transportation toys 

12. Archery set

13. Non-reading board games

Educational Toys for 7 to 10 Year Olds

At this stage, your child develops adult-like interests and is intrigued by nature, people and science. It is this age group when kids develop their own interests by learning from parents, peers and teachers and would want a particular toy just because everyone else has it. Computer games, science experiments, card games, board games and outdoor sports are extremely important at this age as they help kids develop a sense of competence and mastery. Top toys for this age group are:

1. Remote control car, train

2. Bicycle, scooter, all-terrain vehicles

3. Remote control helicopters, drone 

4. Strategy based board games such as checkers, Monopoly, scrabble and chess,

5. Barbies, Dollhouse

6. Craft kits, magnets

7. Magnifying glass, telescopes, binoculars

8. Skates and Skateboard

9. Hoverboard

10. Sports equipment

11. Video and computer games

12. Science kits

13. Game Boys

14. Challenging puzzles, building blocks and construction sets 

Search for the educational toys you require on our website and get exclusive deals and sale prices from multiple sellers in Pakistan. We house excellent quality products that are made from non-toxic materials and have safe to use designs. 

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Kid's Magnetic Math Assembling Puzzle, Educationa… Rs. 299
Marseille Kid's Magnetic Math Puzzle, Educational… Rs. 299
Marseille Kid's Magnetic Math Puzzle, Educational… Rs. 299
Kid's Magnetic Math Assembling Puzzle, Educationa… Rs. 299
Educational Toy Calculate The Baby Rs. 500
Projector Flashlight For Kids Very Best Gift For … Rs. 610
Baby Puzzle Bus, Hit Piano, Shape matching Multi … Rs. 2,999
Digital Number Train Toy Set Wooden Fun Learning… Rs. 795
Mathematics & Shape Learning Educational Toy For … Rs. 2,489
Learning Painting Toy Kids Art WordPad Drawing Bo… Rs. 2,930
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