Electric Door Lock Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Electric Door Lock in Pakistan is Rs. 1,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 35,285.


An electric door lock is a simple lock that is powered by electricity and can also be opened manually with the use of a key. These are useful for one's smaller gate or main door, allowing you to open them at the press of a button. Available for lower to mid-range prices.


Electric door lock

A simple electric door lock that either has a bolt or a strong electromagnet that keeps it locked. The mechanism, in either case, is powered by electricity. The magnetised versions are more often used with glass doors.

A useful device, an electric door lock can save one the hassle of keys. Pressing a button inside the home can let a visitor in. There is also a button on the lock itself that lets you open it and it has a keyhole as well, so from the outside one can open it with the key or in case one wants to lock it too.

Certain electric door locks also come with a remote so it can be unlocked even more conveniently.


Electric door locks are priced from the lower to mid-range. 

Price List

Model Price
EPIC ES-S100D Digital Door Lock Rs. 20,500
Epic POPScan-M Fingerprint Digital Door Lock Rs. 33,500
EPIC ES-7000K Digital Door Lock Rs. 32,500
EPIC TS-EPoxy Digital Door Lock Card Tag Rs. 10,210
EPIC ES-F700G 4Way Digital Door Lock Rs. 44,000
EPIC EPoxy Digital Door Lock Card Tag (Sticker Ty… Rs. 1,300
Mux Wi-fi Glass Door Lock Rs. 49,460
Epic ES-809L Keyless Electronic Digital Door Lock Rs. 41,500
Epic EF-8000L Fingerprint Digital Door Rs. 52,500
Grandstream GDS3710 HD IP Video Door System Rs. 69,900
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