Electric Instant Geyser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Electric Instant Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 13,870 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,593.


An easy way to get warm water in your bathroom, electric instant geysers are also quick to instal. There are various brands that produce such geysers. The prices are in the mid-range.


If you want to have hot water available to you quick an electric instant geyser is an apt option. It takes only a bit to be installed and can even be installed inside the washroom that needs the hot water. All you have to do is to turn it on and you have hot water available as soon as you open your tap.

The way it is designed it can essentially give you an endless amount of hot water. One can set how hot they want their water. The build of an electric instant geyser is such that being inside a humid washroom does not damage. You could also have it installed outside, though the size is generally such that it is for one washroom to be used at a time.

Electric instant geysers do consume quite a bit of electricity, so that is something one needs to consider.

There are many different brands that produce such geysers and the prices are in a mid-range, making for an affordable purchase.

Price List

Model Price
NasGas 10 Liter Semi Instant Electric Geyser SEM-… Rs. 15,000
NasGas 12 Liter Semi Instant Electric Geyser SEM-… Rs. 16,000
Welcome 60 Litre Semi Instant Electric Geyser Rs. 20,000
Nasgas Instant Electric Wate Heater SEM-150 Rs. 20,500
Commercial Electric Instant Water Heater / Electr… Rs. 27,500
NasGas Electric Instant Geyser DSK45, 4500 Watts Rs. 25,500
Nasgas Semi Instant Electric Water Heater SEM-120 Rs. 17,000
Nasgas Instant Electric Wate Heater SEM-100 Rs. 17,500
Welcome WSME-40 L Semi Instant Electric Heater Rs. 16,700
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