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The best price of Electric Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 13,032.


Mincing meat can be made super easy with an electric meat mincer. There are many different brands that produce these devices. One can choose based on their budget and the brand they prefer. The prices are generally in an affordable range as this is a simple device.


Mincemeat is used for a lot of different kinds of foods, from aloo keema to burgers. Making the correct kind of mince manually can be very tedious, to make one's meat prep easier one can purchase an electric meat mincer.

Uses and Advantages

Electric meat mincers are made with powerful blades that make quick work of mincing meat. There are multiple kinds of blades so one can choose how fine they want the meat and one can run multiple turns if they want to make it even finer. The process is done by a motor inside the electric meat mincer that is powerful and is generally rated at somewhere around 1200 to 2000 Watts.

An electric meat mincer is great as the mince is a lot more fresh at home and one can control the quality of meat that is used. A lot of times retailers use leftover meats to make mincemeat, this is not particularly the best option.

Having an electric meat mincer at home also allows one to make the correct balance of fat and lean meat, which is especially useful for making burger patties exactly how you want them.

Depending on the model, certain meat mincers also come with an attachment to make sausages.

General Design

There is a tube that has a feeding tray for the meat with an insert that one uses to push the meat into the tube. This feeding tray makes it easy to put the meat in. The body houses the motor inside it and it also has buttons for operation. Various mincers have their own speed settings so one can choose the speed they want to use.


Home electric meat mincers are generally countertop appliances with a relatively small footprint, making them ideal for use at home. These devices can easily be opened to clean them up so your meat is not getting contaminated. It is important to keep them clean so one's mince is healthy.

A lot of different brands produce electronic meat mincers, with Braun, Black & Decker, Anex and Panasonic among the known available options.

The price of an electric meat mincer is in a relatively affordable range, somewhere in the lower end of a mid-price point.

Price List

Model Price
Electric Meat Grinder Meat Mincer / Electric Food… Rs. 8,500
Commercial 2000W Electric Meat Mincer & Mincer Wi… Rs. 17,399
Electric Meat Grinder Meat Mincer / Electric Food… Rs. 9,000
Silver Crest HomeFast Meat Grinders Electric Food… Rs. 4,999
Electric Meat Grinder Meat Mincer / Electric Food… Rs. 8,500
Electric Meat Grinder & Mincer / Electric Food Ch… Rs. 19,800
DWMM-6001W Dawlance Meat Mincer Rs. 10,700
Moulinex ME511H25 Meat Mincer Rs. 19,599
Electric Meat Grinder Meat Mincer / Electric Food… Rs. 9,000
WF-3250 Westpoint Meat Mincer Rs. 15,500
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