Emporio Armani Men Watches Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Emporio Armani Men Watches in Pakistan is Rs. 20,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 42,717.


Emporio Armani has a varied mix of products, this mix also includes men's watches. The Emporio Armani men's watches are well designed and that is one of the reasons of their success. The build quality is also high, with premium-grade materials and finish. The prices are relatively high, but in comparison to other premium watches, they are in the mid-ranges.


Emporio Armani

A fashion brand that has gained popularity over the years to be one of the most famous high fashion brands that is also a marketing and commercial success. Emporio Armani was started by Giorgio Armani in 1975, before which he had previously worked with other fashion houses including Cerruti.

The Armani brand produces a wide range of products, this includes, clothes, shoes, jewellery, eyewear, cosmetics, home interior items and men's watches. The watches that are put out under the Emporio Armani label are manufactured by the Fossil Group.

Emporio Armani Men's Watches

For Armani, the men's watch is more a beautiful style accessory than a functional work of art as one would get with an Omega or Rado. This is not to say the watches from Armani are not high quality, but compared to a true Swiss watch they are not at the same level.

The designs are what Armani men's watches sell for, with a high number of repeat customers which says a lot about their success. The watches have modernity that retains some of the traditional elegance, this mix makes for a great statement piece along with one's wardrobe. This style of design is something that is influenced by Giorgio Armani himself and is a common factor with most Armani products.

Their watch materials are mostly metal, leather and rubber. The more expensive ones have Swiss watch movements, sporting functionalities and ion-plating. These ones also have options for more expensive materials such as gold.

The brand has a lot of watches that make use of a black finish, this may be in line with the general like of black by the Armani house.


In comparison to the high-end watch brands, Emporio Armani men's watches are not so costly; still, a fair price given it is the brand name one is paying for. The range is priced within the mid-range as far as watches go.

Price List

Model Price
Emporio Armani Renato Black Leather Strap Black D… Rs. 34,400
Emporio Armani grey dial men’s wrist watch for me… Rs. 49,000
Emporio Armani Renato Black Leather Strap Black D… Rs. 33,600
Emporio Armani Luigi Black Leather Strap Black Di… Rs. 41,300
Emporio Armani Sportivo Black Leather Strap Black… Rs. 39,200
Emporio Armani Aviator Green Leather Strap Green … Rs. 34,300
Emporio Armani Luigi Silver Stainless Steel Blue … Rs. 69,090
Emporio Armani blue dial wrist watch for men with… Rs. 64,500
Emporio Armani Sportivo Silver Stainless Steel Bl… Rs. 38,500
Emporio Armani Luigi Brown Leather Strap Black Di… Rs. 36,400
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