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The best price of Enfamama Milk in Pakistan is Rs. 975 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,979.


Enfamama MIlk is fortified with nutrients such as DHA, Folic Acid, Zinc, Choline, Iodine and Iron required by women during and after pregnancy. Supporting mothers during their pregnancy and through breastfeeding as these nutrients contribute to the healthy development of the brain and body of the baby while in the womb.


Enfamama Milk is manufactured by the company Mead Johnson Nutrition and is popular globally as an excellent supplement for pregnant women. The Enfamama A+ has 360º DHA PLUS that is a milk supplement formulated for pregnant and lactating mothers. Consuming a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight during the pregnancy contributes to the successful development of the fetus. The Enfamama Milk formula has less fat content as compared to regular milk. When preparing one serving use 50g powder mixed into 200mL warm water to prepare a 250mL glass.  Mothers are recommended to consume 2 servings for maximum benefits. 

It supports the development of the baby's brain and body by simulating the same essential nutrients in breastmilk. By fortifying the formula with high levels of fatty acids called DHA and Choline, mother's milk can be prepared with the right levels of vitamins for the baby.  DHA is a docosahexaenoic acid with omega-3 fatty acid that the human body does not generate on its own which means mothers need to consume it to support their baby's proper growth. 

Mother's can start having Enfamama A+ after 1 month of their pregnancy up to the time they start breastfeeding. The formula has Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, and Vitamin B6 which are known to develop the cognitive and motor skills of the baby during the pregnancy and even during the lactating period after birth. The benefits of the prebiotic (inulin) added to the Emdamama MIlk increases intestinal bifidobacteria improving digestion for mothers during pregnancy.

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Model Price
Enfa Enfamama A+ Maternal Formula Milk Powder for… Rs. 2,209
Enfa Enfamama A+ Maternal Formula Milk Powder for… Rs. 2,209
EnfaMama A+ Chocolate for Mothers 400gm Rs. 2,376
EnfaMama A+ Chocolate for Mothers 400gm Rs. 2,376
Enfamama A+ Maternal Formula Milk Powder for Preg… Rs. 2,199
Enfa Enfamama A+ Maternal Formula Milk Powder for… Rs. 2,209
Enfa Mama A+ (Vanilla) (900g) Rs. 2,145
Enfamama A+ Vanilla Powder 400g Rs. 2,209
Enfa Mama A+ (Vanilla) 400g Rs. 975
Enfamama A+ Chocolate Milk Powder 400g Rs. 1,748
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