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The best price of Enviro Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 399 and estimated average price is Rs. 86,163.


Enviro AC is designed to deliver powerful cooling solutions for the home and office at an affordable price point. Enviro knows Pakistani users have to beat tough summer temperatures for over 5 to 8 months of the year. Their products save energy, time and money improving living conditions without increasing your electricity bills too much.


Enviro offers a warranty that provides after-sales maintenance service all over Pakistan. The AC has an ergonomic and minimal design that effortlessly blends into any space. Enviro is a Pakistani manufacturer of a variety of home appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, water dispensers, power supply products and kitchen appliances. Known for their economical and affordable air conditioners that are built with powerful compressors. Enviro AC is energy-efficient, easy to install and maintain over long duration usage. The extreme summer temperatures have made air conditioners a necessity in every Pakistani household and office. Enviro designs products with the latest manufacturing technology, quality parts and components and reliable management. 

Types of Enviro AC

Their range of air cooling solutions includes the DC Inverter, Split AC, Commercial AC and Standing Floor AC models. Enviro AC has a different product series for each AC model with various technology and functional key features. AC models are available in the Everest Series, Ice Berge Series, Glacier Series, Alaska Series and Econo Series.

The Alaska Series has 60% energy saving due to the efficient Japanese PCB Kit. The key feature of the series is the extra quiet mode bringing down the noise rate even further than the other AC models.

Power Saving

Enviro AC has a low voltage operation saving up to 75% energy because of the Twin Rotary Compressor technology and Japanese PCB Kit. It has a fireproof electric control box, anti-corrosion fins and rustproof inner grooved copper pipes. The Floor Standing AC is from the Super Series has a 10-Hour automatic power off and auto restart feature for power saving. The 4 kinds of Sleep modes help control the power consumption of the AC. The Econo Series has a low voltage startup rate at 155V and a large compressor of 5780 Watts managing to save 20% power. The cross-flow design for airflow is part of most AC mechanisms but only the Econo Series will have gold fins as an added feature. The commercially used Enviro AC include the ceiling cassette and ceiling convertible models. These have an ultra-thin body design and 4D airflow auto-swing settings. The step motor design provides consistent and stable airflow. It has a built-in water pump and easy to wash air filters.

Cooling & Air Flow

The AC has a 15 to 17 meters long air throw capability along with a 4D airflow design to ensure rapid cooling. Their models come equipped with a Super Quiet Smart Airflow for cooling and heating modes making sure users are not interrupted by any unnecessary AC noise.

Quality Design

It has a reliable dual drainage system preventing overheating and damage. Enviro AC is easy to assemble by users all over Pakistan. It has an easy to read LED display and multiple fan speeds making it customizable for all kinds of spaces.

Price List

Model Price
Enviro AC 1.5 Ton Inverter EAC-18HU Rs. 102,499
Enviro 1.5 Ton DC Inverter 4D Swing Thunder Serie… Rs. 118,999
Enviro 1.0 Ton Alaska Series Inverter AC (EAC12LC… Rs. 43,499
Enviro 2.0 Ton Econo Series AC (EAC24HD) Rs. 60,799
Enviro 1.0 Ton Ice Berg Series Inverter AC (EAC12… Rs. 60,500
Enviro AC 1.5 Ton Inverter EAC-18HU Rs. 102,499
Enviro 1.5 Ton Alaska Series Inverter AC (EAC18LC… Rs. 59,999
Enviro 1.0 Ton Galaxy Series AC (EAC12QX) Rs. 66,999
Enviro 2.0 Ton Galaxy Series AC (EAC24QX) Rs. 102,000
Enviro 1.5 Ton Ice Berg Series Inverter AC (EAC18… Rs. 74,000
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