Epson Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Epson Inkjet Printer in Pakistan is Rs. 78,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 87,249.


Epson has many variants within its inkjet range. The prices also vary depending on the specifics of the printer; they can range anywhere from affordable to expensive depending on the model. Epson is one of the reputable brands when it comes to printers. 

Pros & Cons


  • Lower running cost

  • Better for images


  • Comparatively slower than laser

  • Ink can dry up if not used

  • Cannot use highlighter on inkjet print


A leader in the printer market

One of the top producers of printers, Epson has a diversified range which also includes inkjet technology based printers.

A lot of Epson printers have modern features such as card readers and WiFi to make the connectivity options diverse. This increases convenience by a substantial margin.

The Inkjet

Epson inkjets are the most used printers in offices. The brand claims their inkjets have print quality that is comparable to inkjets, if not better at times.

One of the reasons why inkjets are used in the office is the fact that the cost may be a little less than laserjets. Inkjet also works better for mixed usage, it is good with text as well as images. The issue that is connected to inkjets is related to the fact that its nozzles clog up if it is not used for extended periods.

Epson also has a larger variant under the EcoTank label. These have large ink container so it can go on a lot longer without needing the cartridge to be changed. This is better cost-wise in the long run. Epson's EcoTank inkjets are often listed among the yearly top printer options lists.

If one is looking for all in one options, Epson has those as well in inkjet technology. These machines are very useful for offices as they can perform multiple tasks.


A brand that has maintained its reputation for decades. The prices of the various Epson inkjet printers varies a little depending on the capabilities of the specific printer. Generally, the prices are from a mid to higher-end range.

Price List

Model Price
Epson L3250 Ink tank wireless 3 in 1 Printer (ABM… Rs. 78,000
Epson L3250 Ink tank wireless 3 in 1 Printer (ABM… Rs. 78,000
Epson L3250 Ink tank wireless 3 in 1 Printer (ABM… Rs. 78,000
Epson Inkjet Photo Printer (L805) - Official Warr… Rs. 114,999
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