Epson Printer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Epson Printer in Pakistan is Rs. 450 and estimated average price is Rs. 48,133.


A forerunner of the printer market, Epson has been in it since the 80s. With their dot-matrix printers still being produced today as they are cheaper to run and ink-jets as well that are able to achieve higher quality printing. They have many variants, depending on what is needed. The prices also vary depending on the kind of printer and what all features it houses. Epson is one of the reputable brands when it comes to printers.


A leader in the printer market

The Epson make is one of the most commonly used printers in the world, from the 80s dot-matrix era when printers used to go 'skrrrt' while printing until today with ink-jets everwhere. They have a wide range of printers available based on different technologies and some which are just black & white while others print in full colour.

The types

Even today Epson makes the old dot-matrix printers as they are cheap and efficient especially for places like banks and post offices, where dozens of print tasks are executed each hour. Also, these are cheaper at least as far as replacing the ribbon goes even if the overall price is similar.

Currently, their ink-jet is one of the most used printers in offices, they claim it is comparable in print quality and possibly even better than the laser-jet technology introduced by Hewlett-Packard. Also that overall consumption-wise the cost is close, possibly a little less than a laser-jet.

Other iterations by Epson

Epson makes combined machines like most brands today that are geared for offices, they incorporate scanners, photocopiers and printers all into one. So instead of having multiple devices, you have one that handles all your tasks. This could also be beneficial for a small office setup or a study at the house as it is a great way to save space. Cost-wise these machines tend to cost more, naturally.

A brand that has maintained its reputation for decades. The prices of the various types of printers vary a little and even within the types there is a difference depending on the capabilities of the specific printer. Generally, the prices are from a mid to higher end range.

Price List

Model Price
Print Head Cable for EPSON L1800 1390 1410 1430 Rs. 3,500
Print Rite Epson Printer Ribbon For Dot Matrix Lq… Rs. 450
Epson Printer Card Tray - Toner Max Rs. 1,350
Epson L805 Wi-Fi Photo Ink Tank Printer Rs. 90,000
Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Pri… Rs. 63,999
Ecotone 100ml 4 Color Ink (epson) - 2 Set Rs. 1,750
Epson L565 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer Rs. 69,000
Epson TM-U220 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer Rs. 45,000
Epson L5190 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer Rs. 78,000
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