Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion in Pakistan is Rs. 1,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,000.


Evoluderm Anti-Imperfections Purifying Lotion is a special formulation for combination to oily skin. The lotion eliminates blemishes and imperfections while hydrating the skin. It also has other multiple benefits that are covered in the section below. Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion prices are in the budget-friendly range.


Skin Beneficial Ingredients

The formula is enriched with Salicylic Acid, Pink Grapefruit extract, Zinc, Glycerin, Castor Oil and Propylene Glycol. These ingredients are all derived from natural resources and have no chemicals added. This makes it usable for a wide audience. The lotion is vegan, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

For Combination To Oily Skin

The combination skin type is normal overall but with an oily T-zone. Oily skin type on the whole has the tendency to overproduce oil and sebum. This makes it prone to sebum buildup and enlarged pores that collect debris and cause inflammation and acne. Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion is the perfect option for both combination and oily skin types as it balances the skin and maintains its normal pH level.


Since Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion is laced with salicylic acid and zinc, the formula is extremely effective in controlling acne. It also keeps the skin purified and removes toxins and bacteria that lead to acne formation and pimples. Regular use will completely rid the skin of acne and acne-related scars.

Improved Skin Texture

Oily skin tends to have bumps and irregularities that make it appear flawed. Using Anti Imperfection Purifying Lotion by Evoluderm will help smoothen the skin and refine its texture making it look flawless.

Refines Pores

Since this Purifying Lotion is formulated with Pink Grapefruit Extract and is rich in astringent active ingredients, it refines the pores and keeps the clear. This helps shrink enlarged pores, giving the skin a seamless and smooth appearance.

Brightens & Hydrates Skin

Using this lotion regularly will help brighten the complexion and hydrate the skin. It removes impurities, conditioning the skin, hence improving its look. The lotion also eliminates unwanted shine from the face that makes it look aged and greasy. The result is a blemish-free even-toned complexion that is illuminated from within.

How To Use

Wash and cleanse the skin and pat dry. Use a cotton pad to apply Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion and then top it with a good moisturizer. No need to rinse. Remember to avoid the eye area and apply the lotion twice every day, once in the morning and in the evening.

Tips & Warning

For best results, use this lotion in conjunction with other products from the Anti Imperfection range. Do not expose the lotion to temperatures below 4°C.

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Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion - 2… Rs. 1,000
Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Purifying Lotion - 2… Rs. 1,000
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