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Evoluderm Brilliance Express Detangling Hair Spray is a no-rinse hair smoothening and detangling solution. It boosts hair shine and also adds softness to your strands. Evoluderm Detangling Spray prices are in the budget-friendly range.


No Rinse & Suitable for All

This hair spray is formulated to suit all hair types. It is a no-rinse solution as one only needs to spritz it on the hair and then leave it on. No need to wash it out.

Detangles Hair

The formula has a blend of hair-softening and detangling ingredients. This makes combing the hair easy as you can brush out all tangles quickly and without any breakage.

Silk Enriched

Evoluderm Detangling Spray is enriched with silk that forms a protective layer on the hair strands. Silk also adds smoothness and softness to the hair making it frizz-free and well-tamed.

Adds Shine

Since Evoluderm Detangling Spray is enriched with silk, it adds dazzling shine to the hair. The result is a soft and smooth mane that shines with every movement.

Easy Styling

The hair spray allows for better styling and handling of hair. Since it detangles the hair, it gets easier to manage and style with any type of heating device or styling solution.

How To Use

Wash your hair and towel dry. Spritz Evoluderm Detangling Spray on dry or damp hair depending on your requirement and pay special attention to the ends and the hair shaft. Then style the hair as you like but make sure not to spray too much of this product as it can cause the hair to get oily. For best results, use this hair spray after washing the hair with Evoluderm Brillance Illuminating Shampoo.

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