Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 1,150 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,150.


Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo is a great quick fix for unwashed hair. It instantly removes greasiness from the hair, making it bouncy and fresh without making it wet. The application is super simple and hassle-free as the product comes in a spray can. Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo is priced in the budget-friendly bracket.


Cleans Unwashed Hair

Excess shampooing can damage the hair and make the scalp produce excess oil. In the hassles of life, we hardly get time to wash our hair regularly. Even if one does get the time, most people have oily scalp that gets greasy very easily. This makes it difficult to keep the hair oil-free and frequent shampooing can irritate the scalp.

Evoluderm has the perfect option for those with frequent last-minute get-together plans or ones struggling to keep their hair free of excess oil. The Purifying Dry Shampoo helps keep unwashed hair clean and grease-free.

Absorbs Oil & Adds Volume

Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo clarifies the hair by absorbing oil from the scalp, leaving the hair non-greasy and fresh. The dry shampoo adds volume to the roots, bringing suppleness to your mane without washing it. The bounce and the volume make the hair look healthy, clean and full.

How To Use

Cover your shoulders with a towel or a cloth. Shake the can well before use and also between sprays. Make sure to keep a 15 cm distance between the bottle and hair and the spray targeting the roots. Wait for 2 minutes and then brush or comb the hair to get rid of excess product. Get clean and purified hair in just 2 minutes with Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo.


Since this is a pressurized container, it is a highly flammable aerosol. Keep it in a cool dry place as it may burst if it gets in contact with heat.

Price List

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Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo - 200ml - 3760100… Rs. 1,150
Evoluderm Purifying Dry Shampoo - 200ml - 3760100… Rs. 1,150
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